Give-Away: Tasty Fabric and Thread

tastybiteofapple4A simple shape on fabric begs for hand embroidery. Inside that simple shape you can try new stitches, explore different color combinations, and build a space full of vibrant texture. A good example of this type of stitchery is called A Tasty Bite of Apple from my new book, Joyful Stitching.


Tasty Bite of Apple by Laura Wasilowski

In this project, the outline of an apple shape is filled with a variety of stitches. There are patches of Needle Weaving, rows of Blanket Stitches holding French Knots, spirals drawn with Stem Stitches and Scattered Seed Stitches filling in the open areas. The stylized apple is surrounded by more stitchery to balance out the intense stitching of the apple. The whole project is dedicated to hand embroidery for fun!


And now the the Give-Away part. Leave a comment on my blog today and you may be the lucky winner of this gorgeous purple wool fabric for the Tasty Bite of Apple project. It also comes with a skein of Asters Size 8 thread. I’ll announce the winner next Thursday.

Read more about the projects in Joyful Stitching here.

201 thoughts on “Give-Away: Tasty Fabric and Thread

  1. OOOH, purple for a background is lovely! And those bright threads – wonderful. What a nice give away. :)

    I am enjoying your embroidery posts – very inspiring.

    :) Linda

  2. Laura – your projects just get better and better – love the apple and I know I will love the thread if I am lucky enough to win it!

  3. I am joyfully stitching a wool appliqué project right now, and I’d love to add the wool and thread you are giving away to that project.

    • love these colors and want to try your stitching. I bought the book. I have a small group who is meeting Thursday. We are going to try to dye some perle cotton thread. Jodie

  4. Your thread colors are over the top they are so beautiful. Not just the great choice of colors but the feel and texture of the thread. Have some colors .., would like to have them all.

  5. Yup, just what I need to get me started – some gorgeous thread! Great inspiration!

  6. I just got silk from you for the hand and landscape. It’s beautiful! Can’t wait to compare it to stitching on wool.

  7. I bought the book and can hardly wait to get started: It’s hard to decide what to do first!

  8. I am enjoying your new book so much!! Thanks for encouraging me to work on wool. I am using upcyled laundered pure wool, of which I have quite a stash.

  9. I love your work. Have been wanting to take a class for years. Please continue to work and share. Thanks Janet

  10. What fun! I do love embroidery, any handwork really. The thread is gorgeous, and you are so kind to offer it. Can’t wait to check out your new book.

  11. I love these smaller projects to work on when I am traveling. I also love adding some of these stitches I am learning to my art quilts. It really gives them a whole different look.
    Thanks for the inspiration Laura!

  12. Laura—all of your projects are so beautiful and cheery! The Apple especially. Thanks for the post.

  13. Love your work and threads. ARe you going to dye wool to sale? That would be great.

  14. Hi Laura,

    I look forward to seeing your new book, and getting a new project started. Major snowfalll,here in Sisters.

  15. Missed you at Mid-Atlantic this weekend. I am so enjoying stitching Christmas stockings for my daughters-in-law with all your stitches! Hope I win your thread!!

  16. All your work is so full of whimsy – it positively brings a smile to my face every time I visit your site! Thanks for the grins! Hope I win!

  17. Thank you for all the information you share and have shared! Your classes were the most fun of any class I have ever taken! March on Chicago School of Fusing!

  18. It is amazing to see the big impact basic stitches make when they are used as filler.

  19. Beautiful colours and inspiration. Would love to win to try this fun project. Thanks.

  20. I am currently stitching the folk art heart from your book but would love to try the apple too. I love your threads! They are the best I have found

  21. Reminds me of work my mother and I used to do together…..Maybe time to start again! Thanks!

  22. OMG. That apple is amazing. Will look for your new book on Monday. Can’t wait to find it.

  23. I am a great fan of yours! Your creations are very inspiring. Thanks for sharing and teaching your art work.

  24. I love the apple in Joyful Stitching. The theme in my kitchen is apples. I have always thought of apples as red, yellow, and green. This gives me a whole new outlook at apples.

  25. The apple comes alive with those beautiful stitches. The purple fabric is gorgeous and the perfect background fabric.

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  26. I love to work iwith beautiful wool and hand dyed thread. I am currently using the thread in a wallhanging!

  27. The colors of the wool and thread are delicious! I’m enjoying your blog posts. I’ve never tried wool embroidery, but I’d like to. Thank you.

  28. You are such a good teacher. I loved your class! This apple shows the uniqueness of your ideas which makes art work come alive! Thank you!

  29. Oh I would love to work this project with your beautiful wool and cotton, I think I will be stitching this project win or lose! Thanks for sharing.

  30. “Asters” is so pretty & vibrant; the wool is a lovely contrast; the cobination makes both that much more” apealing”
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. I have loved your work for so long I feel like we are friends!- so happy to see you doing so well- Recently fell back in love with embroidery and you are the matchmaker that put us back together-Like falling for your high school sweetheart all over again after retirement!!

  32. Your site has re-kindled my interest in embroidery. As a teenager, many moons ago, I used to do lots of embroidery large and small. I have been following your tutorials and have your book now, can’t wait to try my hand on the wool pieces! Yours are beautiful!!

  33. OOOh, I just love the apple. Thank you so much for all the give aways you are doing.

  34. Love your bright, cheerful designs. I just started to do more hand stitching and love all your tips. Thanks

  35. I stumbled upon you and your blog by happy accident this morning and am in love with your work. The saturated colors of the fabric and thread are wonderful. You have inspired me to start embroidery again and build my stash!

  36. Joyful indeed! looking forward to seeing your lovely materials at the Quilt Show in Chicago.

  37. Absolutely love your bright colors and would like to stitch your apple design with that deep purple wool giveaway prize!

  38. I SO want to learn how to do hand embroidery. I LOVE your folk patterns and pieces!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win something!

  39. Hi Laura, can’t wait to see you on Wed. night at Faithful Circle Quilt Guild. Taking your class this coming Sat. too. Sew Fun. See you then,

  40. Love your designs. Inspires the creative bug in me. Thanks for all the guidance. Sheila

  41. I really enjoy your use of vibrant colors! This apple looks like something I would like to make!

  42. Hi, I found your site listed in Landscape Quilts by Zieman and Sewell. Would love to try this kit. Thank you.

  43. Love he design inside the Apple. I’d like to try some of those stitches! Thank you for sharing.

  44. It’s understandable why all your give-aways are so popular. The colors, patterns and stitching are so lovely and cheerful. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  45. I’m new to embroidery so love the opportunity to win this wonderful kit to expand my skills :-)

  46. Handstitching is such a therapy and it brings joy to those who receive projects made from our fingers. Thanks you for offering the giveaway. It will come back to you in leaps and bounds.

  47. Thank you for such a great giveaway!! I love this book and all the stitching and projects. Everything is so bright and cheery, just brings a smile to the face and a lightness to the heart. Thank you for sharing the stitches, the wool, and the designs. Can’t wait to try them all. Have a super great day!

  48. I would love to stitch your apple and frame it for my sewing room. Your designs and execution are such fun!

  49. Thanks for all the bright and cheerful projects you share. My apple might just have a bite taken out of it. Love your threads.

  50. I have viewed your art on Quilting Arts TV and are attracted to your art. Your techniques and teaching
    Give me confidence . As a newbie to fabric art, I enjoy your work.

  51. Have seen your fabrics and threads online and in person at the Houston Show and would love to try the apple project. Thank you for your generous giveaway this month????

  52. So beautiful! I love the bold and bright colors! I will definitely be buying your book soon! Thanks

  53. Love the apple. See you March 23/24. Can’t wait. This will be my second class with you. I enjoy using the items from last time.

  54. Love your creativity and colors – simply fun and breath-taking!
    You provide my mental health break from our upside down world.

  55. Looking forward to seeing your new book! Love the way you incorporate lots of different kinds of stitches on your projects.

  56. Love this little apple. I also loved your talk with us tonight at Faithful Circle Quilt Guild, You are a very talented lady.

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