Give Away: Purple Wool and Thread


Tasty Bite of Apple from Joyful Stitching by Laura Wasilowski

There is a poem that begins “When I am an old woman I shall wear purple”. Well, being a young filly, I’ve changed it to “When I am a young filly I shall stitch on purple”.

The wool fabric for the Tasty Bite of Apple project in Joyful Stitching, was picked for the stunning way it shows off the threads. Purple is a perfect backdrop for colorful threads. It really lets the hand embroidery stitches shine.


And now the the Give-Away part. Leave a comment on my blog today and you may be the lucky winner of this gorgeous purple wool fabric. It comes with Asters Size 8 thread and a thread ring. I’ll announce the winner next Thursday.

Read more about the projects in Joyful Stitching here.

245 thoughts on “Give Away: Purple Wool and Thread

  1. I love you color choices! When I look out my windows today everything is black and white, LOTS of white! Your colors warm my heart.

  2. Purple is a beautiful color for a background – I’d love to use some of your purple wool and colorful threads for embroidery!

    :) Linda

  3. Oh my oh my oh my! What gorgeous colors! I love purple, and the rainbow thread would be stunning with it! Thanks for the chance to win, and thanks for all the inspiration that you provide!

  4. I do like the purple background! I would not mind having a needle/thread guide. Of course the rainbow embroidery thread is beautiful! Crossing my fingers :) Thanks, Laura!

  5. You have taken embroidery up a notch! Actually, more than a notch. I am totally impressed. This needlework is something I really want to try. Yours are beautiful and so up-to-date.

  6. I am enjoying the new book. I use many of your stitches and idea on the three Crazy Quilt Christmas stockings I’m making for my three daughters-in-law.

  7. What a magnificent choice of background fabric and color. The colors just sing a marvelous song when stitched on the purple wool.

  8. I just read through my copy of Joyful Stitching and was just thinking about a return trip to your store for some variegated thread! I’d love to win some!

  9. So hot here in sunny San Diego, I could use a colorful fan! Purple piece of felt would do the job nicely!!, and then when the weather turns to not so sunny I could practice my embroidery stitches on it.

  10. I have your book Colorful Quilts and find myself looking through and saying, “I’ve got to try this technique.”. I’ve been embroidering for many, many years. Will the purple wool be my inspiration?

  11. Love purple. Living in the frozen tundra, I need lots of color this season!! Thanks for having such a colorful, joyous blog.

  12. Love the purple wool background and have admired your gorgeous Artfabrik threads for a long long time. Maybe I can be the blessed one in this drawing?

  13. Always prefer a colored background and purple is the best! Have a really hard time working on white of beige background, there is color in the world so why not use it!

  14. Just received your book in the mail, and am anxious to start stitching.
    I was lucky enough to take a class from you in Medora, ND. Was such fun!

  15. Am really enjoying stitching on wool since I moved to the high desert. Might see you around Quilters Affair this summer.

  16. Oh, I would dearly love to win this beautiful project. I’ve just recently begun to once again attempt handwork after having been in an auto accident more than 2 years ago and having my neck/shoulder/hands injured. This would be an ideal project to start with such cheery colors!

  17. “When I am an old woman I shall wear purple”. OH, JOY! I just had my 61st birthday, I don’t know if that makes me an old woman, but I love to wear purple. I also love to sew with purple. It would be a joy to win. Thank you for the chance.

  18. We all need purple in our lives, especially when it is something we create. Love your thread colors. Makes it all come “alive”! You are so creative!

  19. Just got your new book and I love it (of course!). Getting ready to dive into a project this weekend! You are always so inspiring.

  20. I have always loved purple! Not only that but it represents royalty! ! So here’s to wishing to receive some purple wool to play with!! I love your wild free way of expressing yourself in your work.

  21. Whooppee! Royal purple and Carnival orange – an exciting combo that lights my fire! That bird is made for walkin’ .

  22. Just ordered your book and am looking forward to making the apple. Love the look the hand stitches gives the apple and the great purple background makes it so wonderful. Hope the book comes soon.

  23. I would love to try this project and your threads and wool. I want to start doing applique and working with wool this year. Thanks Laura!

  24. Love how you have taken what some people think of as “old lady embroidery” and given it your updated look. You are such a rock star!

  25. Wool seems so appropriate today as the wind chills keep our temps below zero. Yes, I’d LOVE some wool, especially purple wool! Thank you so much for giving this away!!

  26. What s cute project! I really like your recommendation of stitching on purple That would certainly make just about any thread color stand out. I also like the reference card for size if needle to thread thickness chart.

  27. I am loving your posts about projects from your Joyful Stitching book. As a woman who has been quilting/crafting for many years, through many major projects, these little colorful pieces of joy are very inspiring!

  28. I received my copy of Joyful Stitching this week, and I am delighted!! Thank you for signing it for me, Laura, which makes it personal and even more special! I’m traveling to visit family in two weeks, so I’m gathering a kit of supplies and my new book to enjoy on the plane and while visiting. Congratulations on a fabulous publication!! I LOVE it!!

  29. Thanks Laura for all your hard work. So glad you have another book out. Will purchase in February (Christmas got the best of me). Love purple.

  30. PURPLE!!!! what more is there to say than I have been wanting to try this for so long and to now have an entire kit ready to go – terrific. I love your work!

  31. Love the Royal Purple Wool and the gorgeous Thread. I have just bought your book and love the whimsy of it! Thank you for the chance to win a prize.

  32. Whe4n I was in high school I became ill with strept throat & missed several days of school which melded into Easter Holiday. I was so bored when I began feeling better that my poor mother came up with the idea of having me embroider something other than tea/kitchen towels & drew with a sharpened piece of white chalk on one of her discarded dark blue wool dresses.

    Mother drew a white rooster in a field of daises, it proved a challenge because it was a new technique & mother was an embroiderer of classic proportions. The small piece is framed & in my daughters home. I adore what you do., thank you.

  33. You have so many comments today, don’t know if you’ll see mine or not./
    Your Needle Guide which I bought was a Brilliant idea! So glad you thought of it and C &T liked it, too, to publish! Now we all get to benefit./
    I’d love the purple wool but I think I already bought your Aster 8 from you, but more would be very nice! //
    By the way I LOVE the cover of your new book – the colors are WOW!

  34. Missed your booth at last year’s Houston Quit Fest, but second best is enjoying the colors on your website and Blog … the Asters skein seems to have them all!

  35. What a neat idea. Never thought of going outside the lines using purple material So many ideas pop up. Can’t wait to be a winner thank you just in case you choose me????

  36. Oh wow, so pretty and purple is so my favorite is matches everything I have my wheelchair and all. I would love to win this. Hope you had a great holiday, have a great 2018!

  37. You choose such irresistible colors. I am trying so hard to go outside the box, but am finding it difficult. Your thread is to die for, and I see how an unusual background can highlight it.

  38. My son’s girlfriend’s favorite color is purple. She would love for me to make something for her house with this. I love the colors of the thread against the purple. Thanks for the giveaway.

  39. Those bright colors hit just the right tone on these grey wet day’s here in Oregon. Working with them can’t help but lift the spirits!

  40. I have long admired your cheerfulness and that it is so very “your own voice” in your work. Based on the number of others also entering the Purple giveaway, many other people (and birds) agree with me!. Congrats on the lovely book and thanks for the chance to win!!

  41. I loved every work you presented when you presented to my guild in Toronto, and being in your workshop… but this work speaks to me – the apple for being a teacher and the purple for loyalty, and the embroidery for my heritage…
    love love love all of it..

  42. This lovely purple color just glows! It makes the thread colors look so very, very rich and vibrant! Beautiful!

  43. I have only recently started playing with free motion embroidery on wool background – after watching your Craftsy class and projects in your newsletter and books. Thanks for the giveaway and the inspiration. Love the purple and with the bright coloured threads!

  44. Purple is my favorite color and this would make a great project. I have been using your threads for so many years! My stash can always use another rainbow and this is one of my favorites.

  45. Love your beautiful fabric and threads and your fun creativity! Have two of your books and they are awesome! Would love to win this beautiful purple fabric and threads – will help with the winter blues!

  46. I think you have the most wonderful threads! I have been using them for years and they are among my favorites. Who wouldn’t love to stitch this beautiful apple?

  47. Purple is very fitting with Pantone selecting ultra violet as the color of the year for its inspiration and creativity! And Asters is always a “go to” thread for any occasion.

  48. I probably wouldn’t be eligible for the giveaway as I am in Scotland, UK. I just want to let you know how your wonderful bright colours and designs help cheer me up and lift my spirits. They are beautiful and inspiring. I really must try and get your book and maybe some other bits and pieces. Thank you for the joy and inspiration you create.

  49. I L O V E the colors in your thread. They make me feel like a kid again like opening that box of 64 crayons for the first time. AND combined with the purple background – I am swooning in my chair!

  50. Ordered your book and can’t wait to get started on the apple which I love. The stitches will be a fun to learn and incorporate into my applique which I am just starting to learn and try.

  51. When I am an old woman I will stitch with gorgeous threads on purple wool! Love the thought and the giveaway. Thank you!

  52. Have just ordered your book Joyful Stitching. I’m so looking forward to receiving it. Happy days ahead. Am now away to look at Fuse and Tell and Fusing Fun. Oh I can’t make my mind up ??

  53. Laura, thanks for always sending inspiration! It is a cold, snowy day in Kansas City, perfect for sewing and stitching away! Avis

  54. I just purchased Joyful Stitching yesterday and have been trying to decide what project to start with. Purple would be perfect!

  55. You always make me smile! I really enjoy what you do and you are VERY inspiring. Your colors are amazing. Thanks for you and all you do

  56. What a beautiful piece! The purple really does show off the thread and all the stitches so nicely. I’d love to give stitching on wool a try! ;-D

    Thanks for a chance to win.

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  57. I adore the colors of fabric and thread you have picked out….I wonder if a trapunto design would work with the fabric. I love to explore what I know how to do using different threads and fabric to see what I can come up with!!

  58. This has become one of my favorite blogs. Love the layout, the lettering, and how colorful it is.

    Also, I’d love to participate in your hand-dyed silk stitch-a-long. Do you have any sources for the kind of hand-dyed silk you recommend?

  59. I have some threads but not as beautiful as these, and some fabrics too but no purple, and I’m learning some great stitches to use. What fun these you are giving away look!

  60. I am an old woman and I need that purple fabric. It’s beautiful. Thank you for such a great blog and website and the great tutorials.

  61. Enjoy your inspirational embroidery suggestions. They are so cheerful and uplifting and encourage me to try new ideas. Thank you!

  62. I am 70 years old. I have entered contests for years and years and never, ever have I won. Please give me an early birthday present and break the cycle. HA HA. I know you’ll be fair but it’s wishful thinking on my part. Love, love your work and the fun I’m having recreating(actually copying) your work.

  63. ????????????????????????????????????????????????
    I LOVE Purple!!! It’s the color of totality (my 14 yr. old granddaughter informed me). So, I died my hair purple!!!! Wish I could attach a picture, you’d love it!!!

  64. Love everything about your work, designs always fun, fabrics, threads, books! Hopefully, I will win some!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. Hi,, Laura,

    I just received your new book Joyful Stitching and I love it!!!

    I embroidered some when I was a child and young adult and want to get back into it so bad. I’m just finding it hard for me to sit down and start.

    But hopefully I will but I have your earlier book and have seen you on some TV shows. And I always enjoy seeing you and reading your books.

    Wish me luck on my starting a reprise you with Joyful Stitching

    Live the hand

    Chatlene Roberts

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