Give-Away: Joyful Stitching Book

songbirddetailHand embroidery on wool is so easy on the hands. Thread glides through the cloth with each stitch and knots hide in the bulky fabric. In the Rare Songbird project from my new book, Joyful Stitching, I use a hand-dyed wool for the background.

The Songbird is stitched on a beautiful blue wool dyed by Tracy Trevethan. The Wooly Ladies also carry wool suitable for hand work as do many of your local quilt shops.

wool3Another option is to dismantle that old wool coat you have in the closet and use it for stitchery. You’ll want to wash it and felt it before stitching. Here’s how to felt the wool:

  • Place the fabric in the washing machine with really hot water.
  • Set the machine to the fastest agitation setting.
  • Wash the wool with a little bit of detergent and a cold water rinse.
  • Throw it in the dryer or air dry the fabric.



And now the the Give-Away part!

Leave a comment on my blog today and you may be the lucky winner of my new book, Joyful Stitching. The winner will be announced next Thursday.

Read more about the projects in Joyful Stitching here.

323 thoughts on “Give-Away: Joyful Stitching Book

    • I would be singing a “joyful” song if I was the lucky one to win this happy joyful stitching book!

    • I love your fusing and embroidery techniques! Thank you for educating/inspiring all who love this art. I have been sewing for 60 years and am intrigued with new methods and how sewing is evolving! I learn everyday thanks to teachers such as yourself! Thank you for sharing!
      I would love to win a book!!

    • I would love to be the lucky winner of your book, “Joyfull Stitching”. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

      • Thanks for sharing your joyful creations and wonderful techniques. So inspiring!
        (Oops, forgot to add my name and email)

    • I have admired your work for so long & would be thrilled to win your book! Such a generous giveaway! Fingers crossed!

    • I attended one of your workshops in Sisters last July. Your session encouraged me to branch out in my creative endeavors and have inspired me to continue with these colourful, fun and funky projects!
      I love them! Thank you for continuing to help me push my boundaries.

    • Your use of color and the addition of stitching makes each little picture a joyful song. I so admire your work.

    • I love how colorful the pictures are! I think my favorite is the one with the tree and the heat is also beautiful. I haven’t hand embroidered in years and years, but these are inspiring. Gorgeous small pieces of art.

      • I love how colorful the pictures are! I think my favorite is the one with the tree and the heat is also beautiful. I haven’t hand embroidered in years and years, but these are inspiring. Gorgeous small pieces of art.

        (This is a repeat because I didn’t put my name on the first.)

  1. Just adore that whimsical stitching! I have one of your books and would love to have this one as well! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  2. You and your work are inspirational! Doing what speaks to YOU is the best and highest expression of art one can do! Thank you for being true to yourself and encouraging others to do the same!

  3. This would be a great resource to teach the 4-H kids in my sewing group. Thanks for a chance to win!

    Marilyn in MS

  4. Just tell me who would not want a copy of this book. Your work is gorgeous and one could learn a heap from your experience!! Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.

  5. Oh, how I’d love to win your book. I love to work with wool and to learn more embroidery stitches. Please teach me!

  6. BEST Thread for Hand Stitching! I love using your thread it makes hand stitching so much Fun! Thank you for all the bright colors they make me smile as I’m stitching! ????

  7. DEar Laura.. I have taken your class, my sister and I took your class in Colorado a few years ago.. Loved all the great techniques you taught Us! And the songs that you sung while pressing or marking! Your book would be so fun to have and create least try to create … Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Thank you for doing what you do! Kate!

  8. It’s wonderful you’ve come out with another book. We can’t have too many of your great inspirations. Thanks!

  9. I would love to win your book. I need some inspiration to finish my thread spool kit with stitches. :)

  10. Your joyful stitching is a two-fer. It brings joy to the stitcher and to whoever sees the finished project.

  11. I have been acquiring floss and a thicker one lately. I want to do better work. And been making some blocks for charity quilts that require hand embroidery to complete. Your work inspires me. But classes are not something I can do. Any book of yours would complete my need. Thank you

  12. I have been wanting to start working with wool. Your book is awesome and I feel a great place for me to begin. Thanks for making this possible.

  13. Thanks for giving one of us one of your books. Just love all the embroidery hints and information you give in your blog and newsletter.

  14. Your designs are adorable. I would love to win your new book. Of course it is on my list of books to own. One day I may finish watching your Craftsy class too

  15. Took a class with you a few years ago in Johnson City and have enjoyed your blog since then. Love the items we made in class-leaves. Would love to have your new book – JOYFUL STITCHING… I enjoy your ideas a lot!

  16. Your little quilts are out of this world, and your stitches are soooo whimsical!! I’d love to win your book!

  17. I am not very good at hand stitching but am trying to improve. Your patterns and stitching bring a smile to my heart.

  18. I would love a copy of your book. I often use embroidery on my art quilts, but I can always use more information and ideas. Whether or not I win the giveaway, I look forward to seeing your book!

  19. Hi, I hope I win “Joyful Stitching” book. I’ll be seeing you in a couple of months at the Village Quilters Guild in East Tennessee. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you again.

  20. I have been so inspired by your joyful and playful fabric & wool designs over the years. You new book would be a treasure to have and share with my grandchildren.

  21. I used to embroider all the time….only here and there in recent years. This could be a great way to introduce my granddaughters to it!

  22. Excited about this new book. Have another and these projects also look great. “thanks for selecting me!!!”

  23. I was an avid quilter until about two years ago. I had developed Dystonia in right arm and was unable to quilt anymore. They started me on a new medication regime with Botox injections and can start quilting slowly again. Your New book is just where I need to start on small projects. I’ve always loved your classes.
    Donna Viles

  24. I would love to win this beautiful book! It would provide hours of fun stitching and sharpen my skills!

  25. My “to-go-stitching” is one of your designs from your previous books. Joyful Stitching looks like so much fun. I would love to win it. Thanks for continuing to inspire us.

  26. Your book looks like it would be “Joyful” to make a project from. Thanks for the draw.

  27. I have recently rediscovered the joy of hand stitching. Relaxing and keeps hands busy so in my own case less snacking Can’t wait to see your book

  28. Joyful indeed. Your whimsical projects are always so happy. Your book looks like a fun way to learn with those inspirational projects.

  29. Hi Laura, I’ve taken your classes and would love to take one with this new book!!! Congrats!

  30. Thank you for the chance to win. I think this book looks wonderful and would be very helpful for me.

  31. I love all of your work and would love your book! Remembering your big smile all the way across George Brown Convention Center in Houston, your work and your energy is wonderful. Full of whimsy and delight!

  32. WOW! thanks for offering this give-a-way – this book is a treasure! I love all your samples on your site and blog, and can’t wait to try some …

  33. I will be 83 next month and have tried many kinds of needlework yours looks so interesting , I must give it a try. Thanx for the opportunity of a win!

  34. Wool and whimsy…what could be better on a snowy day in February. I would love the opportunity to win your charming book.

  35. I’ve already got my copy but my sister Beth would probably REALLY enjoy having one. She needs some handwork in the evenings to relax from her busy days! This would be perfect!

  36. What a wonderful resource this book would be both for my own work and for the work I do with elementary students.

  37. Lots of comments have been made about your beautiful work. I echo all of those comments. Your work makes me happy! I would love to have your book in my library. Thanks for the opportunity.

  38. I love all of the stitching that you do. Your book looks like it would be so fun to follow.

  39. I would love to learn more about “Joyful Stitching”! Thank you for sharing your beautiful art.

  40. I find embroidery such a relaxing thing to do, and I love that it is portable when I have to travel. I love having a quilt block to embroider wherever I go!

  41. I have been looking for a book that would show me how to do those stitches. They are much bigger that what I usually do. If I don’t win, I’ll have to buy the book.

  42. I so enjoyed taking your class at Tennessee quilts and would love to try my hand at new projects

  43. It’s been fun to see your transition from fusing to embroidery. I would love to win a copy of your book and to learn a bunch of new-to-me embroidery stitches!

    • I truly love your designs. Found you thru the “Chicago School”. Took me a bit to figure it out. ????

  44. Oh my, this book will be such a great one to add to my library! I love the inspiration and guidance you are giving us. I was lucky enough to just ( inherit) a large bag of wools and silks to start deconstruction, over dyeing and stitching on.

  45. I would love your book!! I have your Fanciful Stitches as a great reference when I need ideas.

  46. You are so awesome and a real inspiration. Your art work is so fresh and fun. Thank you for this opportunity.

  47. Thank you for bringing embroidery to the forefront again, with such colorful and updated designs and threads!

  48. Laura,
    I love your new book, full of whimsy and color and fun! It’s as creatively inspiring as the class I took with you at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts about a year ago! Thanks for continuing to inspire all of us who are stitch lovers!!

  49. You are always so knowledgeable and are so willing to share that knowledge with others. I love this book!

  50. What a thrill it would be to win your new book. If I don’t win, it will be on the top of my list when my birthday comes around again.

  51. I have lots of wool skirts from the thrift store that I bought for rug hooking but haven’t used. They would be great to cut up for projects.

  52. Love your bright and happy creativity!! Thank you for the opportunity to win this wonderful little book!

  53. Really enjoy looking at your stitches, fabric and thread. Your embroidery projects are so cheerful.

  54. My goal this year is to learn new stitches to enhance the wool projects I love. Thanks for the chance to win this bright, colorful book!

  55. I love what you are doing to bring hand embroidery back into our vocabulary with the beautiful work you show us. I learned to embroider in the 50’s (last century!) and still love the look and feel of hand work. After seeing your work, I have dusted off my box of floss, found my needles and am happily stitching away. I’m enjoying every ‘slow’ moment! Thank you.

  56. I’ve taken your classes and have loved every workshop. I really laughed during your lecture. You bring enjoyable classes with your astounding sense of humor but also give one on one attention.

    I’m sitting in a rehab facility after passing out from a low blood sugar and falling. I shattered my ankle and cannot even put weight on it for 8 weeks. The first thing I asked to be brought to me was my embroidery that I purchased in one of your classes. Maybe while being “confined” LOL I’ll be able to make progress in all the classes I’ve taken and the ideas you have provided everyone through your classes in both person and on Craftsy.
    Thanks for sharing your talents!

  57. I would love to win a copy of your amazing book. The whimsy in your designs makes me smile every day!

  58. I just recently purchased some wool for hand stitching. I do love it! Thanks for all the threaducation posts you do!

  59. Such happy little works or art! I love your techniques and your approach to teaching. Would love to add your new book to my collection!

  60. You keep giving us such “happy” ideas.. Would love to have the book as a great guiding tool!

  61. Laura, any project you touch just has to be joyful! I took two classes you taught at a quilt show years ago in NJ and you absolutely brightened the room with your energy!

  62. I have found it really difficult to hand-stitch on cotton….your ideas on using wool and silk give me new hope and inspiration! Would love to have your book and try it right now….looks like such fun!

  63. Laura I just got your book and I am having fun reading it. Thank you for your skills and inspiration.

  64. I love fun in my needle arts. Whimsy and a sense of humor go a long way to help me cope in life and I use them in quilting and needle arts. Thank you for this opportunity to stitch again and again with your tutelage.

  65. When looking at your creations it makes me smile. I love the colors of the thread you choose to brighten the world. Thank you for your give aways ??

  66. When looking at your creations it makes me smile. I love the colors of the thread you choose to brighten the world. Thank you for your give aways ??

  67. Please add me to the list of those who would love your book. I have your others and would love to add this to my collection.

  68. I really appreciate your colorful stitcheries. And I like every one of the samples shown. I would absolutely love to win this book! thanks in advance!

  69. Loved your instruction at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival! I have been a long-time fan of your work, and would love to have a copy of your book to continue to develop my skill. Thanks so much for your generosity!

  70. I hope I’m chosen to receive your give away book because every time I see the book cover it makes me stop and appreciate creativity and the joy it brings/gives. I already have two of your other publications as well as your two Craftsy classes. I am a fan of yours! :)

  71. Trying to teach myself to stitch after a brain injury. Perhaps your book will help. Thank you for the giveaway

  72. This book looks so full of fun! It would be a joy to win this book to use in my next project!

  73. I love your work would really like to try stitching it seems like it would be so relaxing and freeing thanks for being so generous with sharing such talent.

  74. I think it’s just what we need now we n trying times. More joy and time to stitch with intention. Your threads sing.

  75. I love, love …. Wool , hand sewing and your amazing talent ! Thank you for sharing your gift with us and a chance to win your new book !! Can’t wait to take out some wool and do some slow handwork for the soul .

  76. Your Threads are so vibrant, they make each project sing ;thank you for the chance to win!!

  77. This looks like an amazing book. I’d love to learn more about your embroidery tips style. Love the bright colors. grinnie1961 at gmail dot com

  78. There is something very unique, calming and heart warming when I look at that adorable design. Takes you to a land of “No worries, No problems”! Can I go there? ????

  79. Laura: I am in Guatemala right now and I think that your book would help me MrMC some of their beautiful textiles on my own.

  80. I couldn’t wait to win your book! I loved it so much, I’ve already bought it! May be I might win a kit. I usually don’t win anything but your book is a winner!

  81. The photos from your new book are beautiful. I would love to own it and use some of your gorgeous threads while working on a project or two. Thank you for your inspiration.

  82. At a time when we have such grim news out there, your artwork (and my attempts to emulate) give me such joy. Thank you for your generosity in providing so much information in your blog and on your website and, of course, the classes I have taken from you.

  83. I was lucky enough to take a class with Laura a few years ago…..she’s a happy lady sharing her colorful stitching & positive attitude with everyone!
    Love your work Laura!!

  84. Since your visit to Bayberry Quilters I have become a fan of your hand dyed threads and fabrics. Your book would help me expand my repertoire of techniques. I love that you share your ideas so freely with your fans!

  85. I enjoy following your blog and seeing all of the stitching you do. You provide inspiration!

  86. I have even felted and over-dyed old wool garment pieces and turned them into projects I have shared with my guild. Laura’s thread makes the perfect accompaniment. Would love to have a copy of Joyful Stitching—would really make me happy!

  87. Congratulations on the AWESOME book! I would love to win a copy. My mind is buzzing with all kinds of wonderful ideas. Thank you for the chance to win.

  88. You couldn’t have chosen a better title for the book. Thank you for sharing your techniques with us and for sharing your sense of whimsy through your designs.

  89. “Back In The Day” I took a class with you and simply loved it – it would be astounding to win a copy of your new book!

  90. I would Love to share this book with my Mom. Thanks for sharing all your creativeness with us.

  91. Within the last year and a half I have started down the embroidery world. Thank you for blogs like this to help me along the way.

  92. So many great ideas in the blog posts and comments! You inspire so many people and your threads make the designs pop. Thanks for the give aways. I’m trying to decide how many copies to buy and gift.

  93. I would absolutely love to win this book! Of course, if I don’t, I’ll add it to my collection anyway. All your books are “must haves” as far as I’m concerned.

  94. Bright and beautiful, whimsical and wonderful! You have such a gift in your stitching expertise. I hope I’m lucky!

  95. This book looks so interesting and so very useful. Would love to make all of the projects in the book. These projects are so bright and cheery, brings sunshine to a sunny day!!! Thank you for this great giveaway!!
    Have a super great day!

  96. Laura,
    Your colorful works of art brighten even the dullest of days of winter. When I see your pieces, I always think of the song and laughter that you share with the world.

  97. As a young girl I stitched with my Mom. I would love to do this again with direction of stitch combinations. Thank you.

  98. Looks like a great book……Next week I will check with my local lib and see if they can order the book and have it in use for all who use the library. Thanks Jenny in northern Wis.

  99. “Joyful Stitching” looks like a book I certainly would enjoy reading and absorbing all the colorful creations. Love to have it.

  100. Laura, Your designs are always so cheerful and whimsical and your use of colors are so imaginative. l like to use your floss’ because they are such bright and happy colors. I would LOVE to win your book.. the projects looks like fun. Thank you for sharing.
    Nark from Arkansas

  101. I would love to stitch the bird on your cover and see what other fun projects are inside! Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. Wish I could just free form stitch, but I need some guidance and this book looks like the inspiration to free me!

  103. I love the colorful patterns you create. I made one once during a class of yours in Sister Bay, Wisconsin. It was a house with kitties in the yard and I still have it hanging in my kitchen today. Thank you. Judy Ritter

  104. I’ve been a huge fan since taking your classes at Sister’s – been following you ever since (and indulging in your beautiful hand dyed wool and thread). I’d LOVE a copy of Joyful Stitching!!

  105. Fabulous book….love working on wool. Learning your techniques would give my work a creative edge. Thanks for your generosity.

  106. hi laura, i am really “out of commission with not only a broken left arm but now i have spells of vertigo, and a stiff neck. although i would love a copy of your book,,,i’m “game” for any donation you’re willing to send me, including thead “snippets”….hopefully lynne sward

  107. Embroidery is something I have on my list to learn how to do. This book would help me in that endeavor. Thanks for the opportunity. Looks like a cute book.

  108. I love your hand dyed embroidery threads. I purchased some when you were in Dallas a couple of years ago and have used them on several projects including a lovely purse. Your new book looks wonderful!

  109. I love all of your work! It would be wonderful to have a copy of your book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  110. A few weeks ago I was searching your website to see if you were going to be ANYWHERE in the state of Michigan, because I was DETERMINED to go wherever you were going to be. I saw Midland on the list, and I was about to google where Midland was, but I decided I should look at the rest of the list first. I got all the way to the bottom (the very last item on the list), and I was shocked to learn you were coming to MY GUILD in November!! hahaha Our program committee announced this year’s line up at our guild meeting the following Monday. I signed up for your November class that same night. Can’t wait!

  111. love all that you do!! wish I could come up with the ideas–that is where I have the problem–I can do the stitching

  112. I love your stitching–you are very talented! I would love a copy of your book. Thank you for having the give-aways.

  113. Whimsical, colourful and original – I would love to have the information to try and reproduce your designs!

  114. Thanks Laura for this amazing opportunity! I so love stitching with all your beautiful hand dyed threads. I can’t wait to see your new book!

  115. I think your stitching is fantastic and would love to learn some of your techniques. The book’s cover is adorable and I would be so happy to win :)
    Thank you!

  116. So many beautiful stitches! Would love to win this book and learn to embroidery like this.

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

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