Free on Friday! Leaves

tree6Sadly, we just found out that the sugar maple tree in the front yard must come down. The arborist said it was close to 100 years old but 80% gone. We shall miss it!

To celebrate our long lived tree, I am giving away a copy of my pattern Leaves in a Whirl (along with instructional DVD) today. Please leave a comment on the blog today and you may be the lucky winner!

27 thoughts on “Free on Friday! Leaves

  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your tree! It’s great that you can immortalize it in fabric!

  2. So sad to loose your tree. My beautiful maple just got tired one day and decided to lay down. Fortunately, it had a place to land without any damage to the surrounding trees and structures. It was as if it knew where to fall. I do miss the lovely summer shade it provided and the beautiful red leaves is shared in the fall.
    I love the basket weave in the trunk on the quilt!

  3. So sorry about your tree, especially a loved one. I have a love/hate relationship with the giant tree in my front yard. It’s a Sycamore, and drops things all year: prickly balls spring and summer that stick into you if you sit down, plus disintegrate into fluffy sticker that fall like snow, and a massive amount of leaves in fall. They drift like snow, covering everything a foot deep. It’s the only tree in the front, and we would get full sun all day if we took it down. Hmmm, that would make a nice little quilt.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear this. Trees provide shade in the summer and protect from the blowing winter winds. So much comfort.

  5. Amazing, it was a century old and all the beautiful leaves it produced throughout
    it’s lifetime.

  6. Ooooh, I’m so sorry about the tree. They become friends–a daily part of your life. We have a linden tree in our front yard that we loved so much we named him Hal. Hal Linden. :)

  7. Sorry about the tree – we lost our favourite one that we decorated each Christmas but the woodpeckers have loved the stump!!!

  8. Trees are wonderful, and maple trees doubly lovely. You may have to make trees and plant trees to make up for the loss!

  9. Sorry about your tree. Sugar Maples are so beautiful. The good thing is that if you decide to replace it, maples grow pretty quickly so you can have the beautiful colored fall leaves in a few years! Your quilt is darling.

  10. I grew up with maples. They especially remind me of visiting my grandmother’s house! The smell kn the air in autumn from the leaves idefimitely reminds me of my youth! Am so lucky to have two in my backyard that bring me peace!

  11. I hate to think about losing a mature tree, just thinking about all the life it has supported during its time. I would love to have your leaf pattern.

  12. You lose one and we just got our Bradford pear this week!Also a new red maple on each side of us.

  13. I do hate to see a tree have to be gone. I had to have my huge sweetgum tree taken down a few years ago. I miss the lovely shade from it. I also miss seeing the birds that visited it so frequently.

  14. Nice tribute. We support and appreciate you and your art, Laura. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Putting a positive spin on losing an ancient tree – consider that now you will enjoy a new vista that may energize your creative juices. Still, so sad to say goodbye.

  16. Oh I’m so sorry that you will lose such a beautiful tree. It’s a lovely gesture to share this pattern and plant more trees in the world, even if they are made of fabric.

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