Free on Friday: A Book For You… or Not

This could be yours.

Today’s give-away has a mystery involved. It seems that the copy of this particular book, Fusing Fun: Fast Fearless Art Quilts, is inscribed to a mysterious woman named Dorothy. Dorothy has never appeared to pick up her book and it has sat on my shelf for years. So I am giving away Dorothy’s book. If you don’t mind that it is made out to the mysterious Dorothy, then please leave a comment today and you  may win her book!

61 thoughts on “Free on Friday: A Book For You… or Not

  1. I think Dorothy said something about a visit to her Auntie Em in Kansas. She may have run into a few problems! I would happily take her book into my care until she returns. I’m a better caretaker than flying monkeys are!

  2. I woud gladly take it in memory of my Aunt Dorothy – her name was Dorothy Dimple Black.
    In face I would be honored.

    After all, we aren’t in Kansas anymore. LOL

  3. I had an Aunt Dorothy, does that count? Always enjoy reading your posts, either they make me laugh or I learn something new. Looking forward to reading more in the new year! Sue in Florida

  4. Laura,
    You always seem to be having so much fun. A book about having fun would be a good way to start the new year. I have the wonder under and am ready to go. Thank you for many smiles and some laugh out loud moments over the past year.

  5. I have so many books inscribed to different people, that I’ve picked up in charity shops, that one inscribed to Dorothy would feel right at home.

  6. I would like to share a story …
    My name is Darcie, as a child my parents divorced and I lost touch through no fault of my own with my paternal Grandma. Because I was young, I only knew her as “Grandma”.

    As I grew older there were many times when I would be asked what my name was and when I said Darcie, more often then not people would repeat my name as Dorothy. Sometimes I’d be frustrated after repeating it several times and finally spelling it before the person would have my name correct…until many years later when I reconciled with my father and started reconnecting with his side of the family. By this time my Grandma had passed on, however, I learned that her name was Dorothy! So now as I think back about all the times that I was called by her name, it makes me happy because it was her name and maybe people weren’t making a mistake at all, she was just trying to let me know she was thinking of me!

    I would be happy to win this wonderful book made out to Dorothy. Thank you for the chance :-)

  7. I would love Dorothy’s copy of the book. (Although if I get it, I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up with a duplicate in a few days…hopefully my family took the hint and picked up the book that was on the top of my wishlist. Still, they can’t be trusted, so I’m entering to be safe!)

  8. I would love to have this book and like everyone else……I think Dorothy took off to Oz….I think she is learning dye making.

  9. I was born in Kansas, so Dorothy is a friend of mine. I will be sure to pass it along when I am finished with it! I was just looking at fancy rotary cutter blades yesterday. This is something I need to try.

  10. To Dorothy? Have you had a tornado lately in your area? ;o) Pick me…Pick me! I just love watching you ‘thru the wire’!! Thank you for sharing all of your fun ideas! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  11. I would love to have a book of yours, Laura, no matter whose name is inscribed therein. Your smiling face, funny stories and beautiful quilts bring all kinds of joy to my world.

  12. I have no whatever connection to Dorothy or the name Dorothy, oh no, now I remember, I once was maid of honor to a Dorothea ( Doro ). Well, but I must have made a bad job… it didn’t work 😉
    Wouldn’t mind to get the book ( this is an understatement )
    Whatever, have a happy and fun Holiday
    P.S. thank you so much for your fun posts

  13. I liked Happy Me’s story about her grandma Dorothy. My husband’s mother was named Dorothy too. It would be fun to have a book dedicated to her even though she did not quilt (her mother Birdie did quilt). Dorothy was extremely good at flower arrangement and getting out of sticky situations (sometimes the police were involved and flowers too).

  14. Well everyone has already taken all of the good joke lines, so I’ll simply say that I would love this book. Since I never read those front pages anyway, preferring to go right to the meat and potatoes of it all, this book would match me perfectly!! Thanks for the generous gift.

  15. What a shame that the original Dorothy didn’t ever claim the book, but I would happily fill in for her because I would love to win your book!

  16. I’ll be Dorothy. I have your fanciful stitches book and love it. Thanks for the quilting inspiration.

    Merry Christmas,

  17. I am thinking Dorothy must be lost in Oz and has not been able to collect her book. I would gladly take Dorothy’s book for her.

  18. Hang on……….did Dorothy have a dog called Toto?
    THAT might explain what happened to her………….
    Im considering changing my name……

  19. A Dorothy by any other name would fuse as sweet. How corny is that? I, too, had an Aunt Dorothy and my mom’s grandmother, whom I never met, was Grandma Dot. The book would become a part of my family, too.

  20. What a great book. I have seen it on various sites, and next year, I’ll be back doing wall hangings What a boon to doing that.Thanks for the chance to win this book.However, I am all the way over in Australia.Perhaps I could send you something if I happen to win this fab resource.
    It’s on my list to buy anyway!

  21. Maybe it is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and she is still trying to get home! Hee, hee, hee ….. looks like a fabulous book that would be a perfect addition to my quilting library.

  22. My middle name is Denise, maybe the author just spelled it incorrectly. I’ll be right over to get it, or maybe you could just send it to me….. :)

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