For All Your Stitching Needs and the Winners


Embroidered Garden on Silk by Laura Wasilowski

I’ve found that the best pearl cotton thread for all my stitching needs is a Size 8. It stitches easily on a fine silk fabric like this piece above where I’ve embroidered the tree trunk with a variegated size 8. You can make your own version of it by following my free stitch tutorial, Silk Stitch Along.


Yellow Chair by Laura Wasilowski

You can also use a size 8 pearl cotton on wool and felt. Here you see it making up the yellow chair, bowl, apples, and other elements in the design. Click here for the Yellow Chair Stitch Along.


Yes, Size 8 is very versatile.

As are the lucky winners of the size 8 thread give away last week. Congratulations to Melissa G and Barbara G on winning a skein of our hand dyed size 8 pearl cotton thread.

We’ll have more give-aways soon!

3 thoughts on “For All Your Stitching Needs and the Winners

  1. These are so inspiring!! It must be so beautiful in person.

    I’ve only just begun collecting pearl cottons so my sizes are all over the place. I will now have to see what I think of size 8:)

  2. Hmmm… I think I have some silk pieces, maybe one will be big enough to embroider on. I need to check out your stitch along. That piece is just lovely.

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