Every Work with Silk Roving?

Many years ago I came across some beautifully dyed silk roving. I’m not a spinner, but the glow and sheen of the silk really caught my eye. So I bought a bunch of it.

silkrovingI’ve finally packaged it up and will be selling it at the Artfabrik/Friestyle (booth #1229) at the International Quilt Festival. I know people will ask me how to use it. But I don’t know what to do with it. Any ideas?

9 thoughts on “Every Work with Silk Roving?

  1. I would spin it into gold (well okay yarn) but other than that I am not sure. You could use it on a quilt if you held it in place with tulle.

  2. Laura you could gently pull off a bit of roving and dry needle felt it onto anything to give a bit of shimmery bling. Google dry needle felting to get some ideas.

  3. Put it between layers of water soluble stabilizer. Free motion quilt for a shawl or scarf.

  4. Years ago I learned to use this beautiful stuff with Jo Sonia’s textile medium to make silk ‘paper’ onto which one can embroider and bead….makes beautiful handbags, etc.

    :) Linda

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