Embroidery Sampler: Guest Artist


Embroidery on wool by Paula

During my Improvisational Hand Embroidery on Wool class students seem to focus on different goals. In class they make simple sketches, transfer the sketch to a swatch of wool, and embellish it with embroidery. Some focus on the sketch or design creating something personal to them. Others find thread color choices and placement important. There are also students who want to learn how to make certain stitches.

And then there are those like Paula (above) who make a sampler type of embroidery. It’s a way to explore different stitch combinations and make a beautiful piece of art work at the same time. Thank you, Paula, for sharing your sweet wool embroidery with us. Love the bee!

8 thoughts on “Embroidery Sampler: Guest Artist

  1. What a clever sampler of stitches! I also like how the variegated background thread gives texture and depth….sweet bee!

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