Earth Day in the Studio

Happy Earth Day! In celebration I’d like to show you three ways to reuse all those plastic containers we encounter every day and how to use them in your studio. My geraniums came in these cute little baskets (above) from a gardening store. Perfect for thread storage, fat quarters, or sewing tools.

The flowers from this plastic planter are long gone but I’ve been using a set of these for dyeing for years.

And here is why drinking orange juice can pay off. Not only do you get lots of vitamin C but a container for your dyes as well. Any other ideas? I’d love to hear them.

And just so you know. This post was also recycled from years ago.

4 thoughts on “Earth Day in the Studio

  1. My dad used to cut down the various wax milk containers to make square candles.
    I use the vegetable trays and meat trays to hold different color pieces of fabric when I’m doing patchwork or paper piecing. I use toilet tissue rolls to holding bindings and have started rolling larger left over pieces of fabric with fusible web on the back and placing them in the tubes so I don’t wind up getting creases in them..

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