Dyeing for the Fall

fabricstack5Announcing a major feat! All of my dyeing is done for the Fall! Yes, every colorway of fabric, every skein of thread available on the Artfabrik website is in stock. I shall dye no more. (Or at least I won’t be dyeing any time soon.)

dyeing10Dyeing fabric is akin to a factory job; that is, labor intensive, repetitive work. Sure the colorful results are worth it but try telling that to my feet and hands.


Ironing by Laura Wasilowski

What’s most extraordinary about this event is that ALL of the fabric is ironed. It’s ready to ship, travel as a trunk show to wherever I’m teaching, or ready to display at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. Now it’s time to make art!

8 thoughts on “Dyeing for the Fall

  1. I Love “Ironing” by you! Great that you have all that done.! I’m still running behind after my fall almost exactly a year ago now. I’m walking still with a walker and am Painting a few paintings to hopefully make quilts out of them when I finish the current one. We shall see.// Love your tutorials too. I think I told you I copied and printed the last one (er … most recent one).

  2. If I lived closer, I would definitely help with your ironing. I go out with wrinkled clothes on my back, but I love ironing fabric.

    • Thank you for the offer. It’s unusually for me to have all my fabric ironing complete. Now my clothes, like yours, are still wrinkled.

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