Daily Design: Ugly Fabric?

decquilt15aToday I am challenging myself. See that dark, foreboding fabric lurking in the background? My challenge is to use this over-dyed silk fabric and adapt my daily design to the color and patterning of the fabric.

And I’m not to happy about it.

decquilt15bBut on occasion you have to test yourself and see if you can work within a color scheme other than your go-to color palette. I’ve surprised myself and like how this turned out. Maybe we should challenge ourselves more often, rather than going with the comfortable and easy.


5 thoughts on “Daily Design: Ugly Fabric?

  1. I love your challenge! It makes me think of all the fabric I have–that for some reason unknown to me I purchased–that is ugly. I’m going to pull some out and see if I can make something pretty out of it! Thanks for sharing your ideas…you have a lot of fans out here!

  2. I like this, the trees go well with the background. Do you ever put dogs or cats in your compositions or is it just birds?

    I think I’m going to try this quilt every day in the month of January — a nice new adventure for a new year. Did you have a size minimum or maximum in mind for the finished product when you started?

    • I have a few dog and cat quilts but am so very fond of birds that those other creatures get forgotten.
      The quilts I’m making in my daily designs range in sizes from 10″ x 10″ up to 18″ x 18″. So they are rather small. My intention is to embroider them so they can’t be too big or I would drive myself crazy with all the handwork.

  3. Boy do I relate to this!
    My personal challenge this year is to use colors out of my comfort zone…. which for me is blues…reds… and to find creative ways to use up the stash of fabrics that were once so gorgeous but now make me wonder what in the world I was thinking when I bought them. The other day I was amazed to discover , after analyzing my stash , that I have enough golds and earth tones for 2 life times. Gotta get out to shop for some new colors. Yikes! No wonder I was having trouble executing some of my ideas!!

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