Cutting Felt and a Give-Away


Felt Like Gardening by Laura Wasilowski

Have you worked with felt? Felt has a cozy, folk-art look you associate with the flat, non-reflective texture of penny rugs. Felt is a non-woven fabric made from fibers pressed together. Hand felted wool is lovely to work but not readily available. So I use commercial felt. The best felt for stitching is made with a high percentage of wool combined with some synthetic fibers.



Felt is so easy to stitch.Thread glides through it like butter. Use a Size 8, 5 or 3 pearl cotton thread.

And it doesn’t fray. Cut felt with scissors, decorative rotary cutter blades, or even a die cutter.

In the Folk Art Garden Project from Joyful Stitching, I used a pinking blade in the rotary cutter to trim the edges of the pink felt. This decorative edge is then embellished with a Fly Stitch.



And now the the Give-Away part. Leave a comment on my blog today and you may be the lucky winner of a 45mm pinking blade used to make the Folk Art Garden project. I’ll announce the winner next Thursday.

Read more about the projects in Joyful Stitching here.


20 thoughts on “Cutting Felt and a Give-Away

  1. Oooo-a new pinking blade! I always forget about replacing those fancy blades until I start using one that is dull………….in the middle of the night, or when there’s no chance I’ll get to a store that carries them in a timely manner! This would be such a bonus!!

  2. Loved you guild presentation! It was absolutely fabulous! My iron thanks you for teaching proper fusing etiquette in our class. Thank you!

  3. I follow you faithfully but still have not started on a wool embroidery project! but something about this one makes me think I might give it a go. Love your work, thanks for sharing it and your embroidery tips so generously!

  4. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and have gained so much knowledge from your book and tutorials. I’m really excited to embark on this new way of creating art.

  5. I felt like gardening today, too…it’s 70 degrees here. Love this little art quilt. I am continually awed by your creative visions!

  6. Laura,

    I’m a brand new fan, got your wonderful book from Amazon last Wednesday and have already made my version of one of the projects in the book. Your book has so much inspiration packed into it.

  7. Love you projects, especially for beginners. My granddaughter is just getting started and your projects are well-suited to her time and talents.

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