Color Chip Collage #1


As you may have guessed by now I make fused art quilts. All the fabrics used in my designs are covered with fusible web. My fusible web of choice is Pellon Wonder Under #805, a regular weight of fusible web you’ll find in your local fabric shop.


After I make a fused quilt I have tons of cut-aways or left over fused fabrics. I save these fabrics. Once fusible web is on a fabric, you can use it today or years from now.

  And I should know, having collected bins of fused fabric over the years.


Leaf of Faith #8 by Laura Wasilowski

These oddly shaped fabrics give me a palette of pre-fused colors to improvise with and often trigger new quilt ideas. But sometimes there are just too many of them and I must clear away the scraps. In the next few days I’ll show you how to make a quilt like this with those fused scraps. It is a color chip collage quilt.

4 thoughts on “Color Chip Collage #1

  1. Oh, Laura,,,,,,,I so love what you’ve shared about your fabric scraps. Several years ago, I pulled out a baggie of scraps and a few threads. (I saved just about everything back then), and this little baggie became a catalyst for a limited edition of my sewn-fabric collages. My third one was juried into Quilt National (in Ohio), years ago by Michael Munroe, and traveled around America and Canada. I need to send you a photo of that piece, and the first one I made. And I love your booth photo. Wish I could be in Houston,,,,,thanks so much for the share. I hope you’re back here in 2018. I will request you . (Mid Atlantic Quit Show). cheers,,,,,and have a great show,,,,,,,
    Lynne Sward

  2. I’m so excited to be in your Saturday afternoon class at the Houston show! I am trying to do more art quilting and always admired your work – this will be a fantastic opportunity for me to be in your class and be inspired!

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