Packing Up the Wool

woolclassTime to pack for my new class called Improvisational Hand Embroidery on Wool. I’m cutting up rectangles of wool fabric and placing colorful hand-dyed threads on rings for the class kit. Needles, more thread, and class step-outs are all set to go.

wool2In this class, students make original designs and learn about the joy of hand embroidery on wool. My creative students will all make something different and I can’t wait to see the results. Hope to see you at the Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, CA where I teaching this class on October 14.

Art by the Latest Graduates

westdesmoinesguildMeet the latest graduating class from the Chicago School of Fusing. It was a treat to visit with the West Des Moines Quilters last week and watch these fearless artists create fun art work. Note how each design is unique to the maker. Their Tiny Homes quilts deserve a round of applause!

Another Nut House Success!


Linda and me at the Tennessee Quilts Symposium.

Meet The Instigator, Linda Crouch McCreadie. In January, she asked that I teach a new class at her Tennessee Quilts symposium in July. Her inspired suggestion: call it Another Nut House.


Nut House by Laura Wasilowski

Linda had just seen this quilt on my blog. And it seemed to fit right in with her plans for the symposium. So I accepted the challenge and threw myself into preparation for the nut house……. class.


Student work from the Another Nut House class.

And I’m glad I did. Turns out my students were experts at designing nut houses. Who knew?


More student work from the Another Nut House class.

Thank you Linda for suggesting this new class. It was really exciting to see how inventive and fearless my students were when it came time to make original compositions. Don’t you love what they made?

A Beautiful Design: Guest Artist


Jane’s zen doodle quilt.

A more challenging one-day class I teach is called Zen Doodle Quilts. In this class, students make sketches and then convert them into patterns for a fused art quilt. Everyone makes their own design and works hard in picking colors and developing the composition as they go.

Here is a good example of a successful Zen Doodle Quilt made by Jane. The placement of color and design elements are balanced and pleasing. See how her hand and machine quilting really enhance the quilt? Isn’t it delightful?

Graphic Imagery Class Success!


Flowers by Janice made in Creating Graphic Imagery Class

Last week I taught a workshop at Quilter’s Affair in Sister OR called Creating Graphic Imagery. And the results were magnificent! Here you see a the beginnings of a beautiful quilt by one of my students, Janice.


Creating Graphic Imagery is a revival of a “woodcut” class I taught long ago. Students receive a color pallet of fabrics in pastel and bright rainbow gradations. The kit fabric is fused as is a piece of black background fabric.


Fused fabric shapes are cut and placed on top of the black to reveal a small black outline around each shape. This gives it the “woodcut” look that makes its so dramatic. Each quilt design was different in class because each student designed their own work and made a pattern for themselves. That’s what I call a successful class.

Cheer Up! Making Flowers on Silk #8

silkflowers17This grouping of flowers for your garden looks rather forlorn, don’t you think? Just a plain set of Lazy Daisy Stitches surrounding a lonely French Knot in the center. 

Let’s cheer them up!

silkflowers9Adding even more Lazy Daisy Stitches in a different thread color (with a Straight Stitch or two) makes them bloom. Run a quick row of Blanket Stitches along the edge of the Stem Stitches for the stem and you’re done. No more wall flowers here!