Daily Design: Wandering

 decquilt16Often when I make my daily quilt designs, my mind wanders. Today it has wandered to Arizona. I’ll be teaching at the AQS Quilt Week in Phoenix in February. I’m looking forward to seeing the desert and all it’s beauty while I’m there. Oh, and warming up too.

This quilt started with a wandering mind and a beautiful turquoise fabric. Sometimes that’s all it takes. See you in Arizona!

What Machine Stitching Does for a Fused Art Quilt

tiltytown1premachineStitching a pictorial quilt like this goofy quilt is very different from stitching a geometric quilt. The ideal method for stitching all those organic shapes found in your design is free-motion quilting. With free-motion you can rapidly change stitch direction to accommodate the various fabric shapes in the quilt.

tiltytown1onmachineA versatile free-motion stitch pattern is the MEMEME stitch. To make the MEMEME stitch go horizontally then vertically and repeat. By altering the length or width of the stitch lines in the MEMEME you can nip in and around the various fabric shapes. This stitch also creates a pleasing pattern on the surface of the quilt.

Try the MEMEME stitch and let me know how it goes.

First Free on Friday

leavespatternIt’s our first Free on Friday give away in November and we are feeling thankful. We are thankful for all our blog followers and great customers. So today in gratitude we are giving away a Leaves in a Whirl pattern with complete instructions and an instruction DVD. It’s a $25 value but for a lucky person who leaves a comment on the blog today it’s free.

Tell me what leaves you in a whirl?

Studio Play #6


Spring Blooms #1 by Laura Wasilowski

At last the little quilt is finished and I can start a new project. I kind of like the machine quilting. You don’t have to machine stitch a quilt this size (9.5″ x 12″). But it does add another layer of texture and pattern to the piece.

Quilting Arts Article


Butterfly Garden (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

The June/July 2015 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine is now at a newsstand near you. I think you’ll enjoy the article Stitch by Stitch by Jane Davila. It features the Blanket Stitch and all it’s wonderful variations and uses like that around the flower center above..


Butterfly Garden by Laura Wasilowski

The article features the Blanket Stitch and all it’s wonderful variations and uses (like that around the flower centers above).You’ll also see more images of my work and the work of other stitchers in Jane’s article. Thanks Jane for including me!

Designing Blue Wing Chair #2

bluewing4For the traveling exhibit, Radical Elements, I documented the construction of my quilt, Blue Wing Chair, complete with false starts and major mistakes. The first idea for making this quilt was to attach real books to a backing. What a disaster! Here’s more from my design journal that will travel with the quilt:

Brilliant Idea #2: While on a train I decided to make my own lighter-weight books and attach (quilt) 12 – 14 of them onto Timtex. Each book’s story is illustrated with hand-carved stamps. Brilliant! Here’s the plan:

Determine the layout of the 12 – 14 hand made books on a 22″ x 36″ Timtex foundation. This requires math. Finally figure the layout after much trial and error.

Cut a heavy art cloth to size for the cover and prepare to glue on a beautiful blue paper. The glue is ancient and unusable. Decide to make folios of heavy paper instead.

Figure out the story sequence for several folios (8 pages) about blue chairs. Then, using my hand carved stamps, print a mock-up of the story Blue Sky Chair board on paper.

Make up mock-ups for Blue Gill Chair, Blue Bunting Chair, Blue Electric Chair, Blue Grass Chair.

bluewing5Then in dawns on me. To make 12 – 14 folios I must carve even more stamps for illustrations as well as print them. Making books is just too darn tough. There’s Brilliant Idea #2 in the trash. More brilliant ideas tomorrow!