Making Spring Blooms #5

blooms7Like any fused art quilt, the improvised vignette quilt, Spring Blooms #4, is steam set to the batting before hand stitching. An even set of Blanket Stitches surround the blue flowers (the focal point) which are topped with a healthy dose of French Knots. (I’m using a Size 8 Pearl Cotton Thread with a Size 4 embroidery needle.) The Red Hots thread colorway repeats the same color spicy red in the wallpaper stripe.

For the leaves I’m using my version of the Fern Stitch. The thread is a Size 12 Pearl Cotton Thread in the Green Grass colorway with a Size 5 embroidery needle.

I must admit, hand embroidery really makes the quilt!

Free Thread and Needle Chart


My new business cards have this needle and thread chart on the back.

At last, that portable Needle and Thread Chart you’ve always wanted!

Yes, this handy dandy chart listing what size embroidery needle goes with what size pearl cotton thread can be yours!¬† Place an order for anything in the Artfabrik Store this month, I’ll include one with your order.

Or just go to the Thread-u-cation Tutorial and you’ll see a version of it there.

The Bulky and the Bold Winner


Tilty Town #10 by Laura Wasilowski.

It pleases me to announce the winner of really thick thread. Our hand-dyed Size 3 thread is bulky and bold and brilliant for couching on top of your quilts. Use a Size 8 or Size 12 pearl cotton thread to attach it to the surface of your art work. Then you have 2 colors to play with! (See Couching Instructions here.)

And the winner of the Size 3 thread is…..Sara K. May she enjoy both the bulky and the bold.

A Gardener’s Plot: Bird Decoration


Time to stitch the next Gardener’s Plot quilt.

Here’s a tip: when you add hand stitchery to your fused art quilts, always start with the focal point. In this case we start embroidery on the birds then move on to other parts of the design like the flowers, stems, and grass.

gardenersplot13An Outline Stitch around the edge of the bird in a bright blue Size 8 thread really gives that bird a boost. And the Blanket Stitch on the tail gives him lift!

gardenersplot14Here’s a detail of all the stitching for our little bird. You’ll see the Outline Stitch, Blanket Stitch, French Knots, Fern Stitch, and Straight Stitches too. Check out my Thread-u-cation Page under Tutorials. There you’ll see how to make all these decorative embroidery stitches. Tomorrow we tackle the flowers!

Is There a Wheat Ear Flower?

tulips6The Wheat Ear stitch is so adorable. See it on the right? Like little people throwing up their hands, they reach for the sky. This is a linking stitch (similar to the Chair Stitch) but I use them as individual stitches to make sweet little flowers.

tulips7The stems for wheat ear flowers are made with a size 8 Evening Greens thread. But don’t you think the stem thread overpowers the delicate blooms? Me too. Stitch removal is required! That’s the best part of adding hand embroidery to fabric. You can always take it out if you don’t like it.

As I remove my stitches, you may want to know how to make the Wheat Ear Stitch. Check out Thread-u-cation on the Tutorials Page to learn that stitch and many more.