Studio Tour #3


While I’m out of town teaching at the Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF) you get a view of my sewing studio back home. This is the fusing table where all the magic and mess happens. Note the piles of fused fabric scraps against the wall. There’s so much fabric I barely have room to make anything on the table top. Cleverly, the table top is covered with Teflon so I can fuse directly to it when making my art quilts. That is, when you can find the table top.

Studio Tour #2


Here’s how I left my studio before traveling to teach at the Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF) in Santa Clara CA. It’s a pit!

studio6But don’t worry. My sewing studio is in the basement of our home so no one really sees it……I hope. Note the stack of quilts next to my lovely BERNINA sewing machine. With any luck someone will finish quilting those for me while I’m gone. I’ve hired elves but they’re not very reliable.

Studio Tour #1

studio2015bI so long for my studio! This week I’m teaching at the Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF) in Santa Clara CA. One of the problems with teaching is that I don’t get to make anything, just watch others make art. It can be very frustrating!

So I long for my studio.

This is a view down the hall into my basement sewing studio. Before I left town, I packed boxes for the Artfabrik/Friestyle booth at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. The first thing I have to do upon my return home is ship out those boxes.

OK, maybe I don’t long for my studio.

Our Last Scrappy Winner


My messy studio. This is the fusing table.

Thank you everyone for helping me rid my studio of those pesky fused fabric scraps. Our finale winner is Terri H. May she fuse in peace.

houseandtree1Meanwhile, I’m using them up a great speed myself. Here is my latest little house quilt made from scraps and ready for the embroidery stitches. I’ll show you my progress this coming week once I recover from cleaning up my studio. ARRRRRGGGGG!

State of the Studio


After all my April travels I walked into my studio and shuttered. Someone had dropped fabric and tools and her suitcases all over the place. The scariest place was the fusing table where fused fabric scraps, half made projects, and release paper were stacked by some crazy woman.


On a happy note, I found this quilt top under a pile of fabric by the sewing machine. Looks like it’s ready for machine stitchery. It all the confusion of packing and travel, I had forgotten it even existed. Looks like that crazy woman was having fun after all.

On Being Creative


This is what my fusing table looked like before I became creative.

You know what it’s like when you’re in creative gear right? You blank out everything else, concentrate on what you’re making, and may even forget to eat while making art. (Best diet ever!) That’s what I’m hoping to tap into this week.

Here’s how to set yourself up for creating new art work:

  • First, have a studio. This space is set aside just for creative endeavors. No need to clear away a table for dinner or shift artwork to prepare tax forms.  All your tools and materials are at hand.
  • The studio is quiet. There is no music playing, no texting on the phone, and no reading email. Silence reigns. Or, if you like music, music reigns. But no other distractions are allowed.
  • Guilt is banished from the studio. This is play time and nothing is allowed to interrupt, especially guilt. Feeling guilty about being a creative person is firmly shunted aside. As an artist, your “play” time is really your “work” time.

This is what my fusing table looks like now.

What do you do to set the mood for creativity? Are you a silence or music lover? Later this week I hope to have something to show from the studio. But for now I’m off to play/work!