On Being Creative


This is what my fusing table looked like before I became creative.

You know what it’s like when you’re in creative gear right? You blank out everything else, concentrate on what you’re making, and may even forget to eat while making art. (Best diet ever!) That’s what I’m hoping to tap into this week.

Here’s how to set yourself up for creating new art work:

  • First, have a studio. This space is set aside just for creative endeavors. No need to clear away a table for dinner or shift artwork to prepare tax forms.  All your tools and materials are at hand.
  • The studio is quiet. There is no music playing, no texting on the phone, and no reading email. Silence reigns. Or, if you like music, music reigns. But no other distractions are allowed.
  • Guilt is banished from the studio. This is play time and nothing is allowed to interrupt, especially guilt. Feeling guilty about being a creative person is firmly shunted aside. As an artist, your “play” time is really your “work” time.

This is what my fusing table looks like now.

What do you do to set the mood for creativity? Are you a silence or music lover? Later this week I hope to have something to show from the studio. But for now I’m off to play/work!


Studio Clean Up

jeanwellsstudioThis is not my studio. This is my dream studio and it belongs to Jean Wells. Notice how neat and clean it looks?


Jean Wells giving me tips on studio clean up.

That’s because Jean lives a creative but neat life. Unlike someone I know who leads a creative and disordered life. Which leads to another goal I’d like to accomplish before the end of the year: a clean studio! Any tips?

Back in the Studio!


Playing in the studio!

It feels so good to be back in the studio again! True, it is a total mess. But I know you can relate to the familiarity of a messy studio. Doesn’t it feel wonderful to be surrounded by your own chaos?


Housing Dept. #28 by Laura Wasilowski

Next up on the schedule: making a set of small quilts for new classes I’ll be teaching next year. But first lets play! This small quilt was completed recently. It reminds me of how fortunate I am to return home to my studio…..messy or not.

State of the Studio – Winner of Scraps!

scraps2I want to thank our winner of the fused fabric scraps for helping me clean up my sewing studio.

That’s a lie. I didn’t really clean up the studio.

studiostate4 Instead I’ve been dyeing all week so nothing is getting cleaned up. As you can see, the dye studio also has a bad case of piles and unfinished projects. Our winner of the scraps is Lucky Liz in KY. Bet her studio is spotless!

State of the Studio: Free on Friday

studiostate1Looks very neat, doesn’t it? Don’t be deceived by this image of my studio. Sure, the thread bins are looking rather charming but pivot 15 degrees and this is what you see:

studiostate3Yikes! Boxes to be unpacked, stacks of stuff in process, a quilt under the machine, more stacks of stuff. My studio is in quite a state of disarray! And this is the scary part:

studiostate2The fusing table is piled high with more projects in process, notes to myself, and scads of fused fabric scraps. Want to help me get rid of some of these scraps? Please leave a comment on today’s blog and maybe you’ll win some!

Celebrating the Studio


My former pit of a studio.

Every year I like to celebrate the anniversary of my new studio. Six years ago my new sewing studio furniture and lighting were installed. Previous to that I had worked in this desolate pit above. Like a mine shaft filled with sewing debris, my old studio was one scary place!

studionew2After much sorting, tossing, cleaning, storing, and painting of the space all was remodeled. Here you see my design wall and 2 new sewing tables.

And I have a table just devoted just to fusing. (Note: don’t be deceived by this photo. I’m not that neat.)  It’s so lovely to work in a bright, clean, welcoming studio perfect for making art. Let’s celebrate!