Are Things Looking a Little Dim?


Sunshine and Fields by Laura Wasilowski

Have not fear! If things are looking a little dim for you today, it may be because you’ve just experienced a solar eclipse. Sunshine and Fields, a quilt I made years ago, was made in celebration of that hot spot we all love and fear. Hope this brightens up your day!

Stitch Evolution


Free-motion stitching detail, Penelope’s Art, 1995

Believe it or not, at one time I made pieced quilts. And soon discovered that I was no good at it. Then I discovered pictorial quilts made with fusing. Yipee!  I also realized that free-motion machine stitching looked best on that type of quilt. So around 1993 I started to learn how to do free motion stitching on my sewing machine.


Free-motion stitching detail, Blue Chip Chair, 2005

About 10 years later, I finally perfected one stitch pattern, the MEMEME. Or so I thought. Sure my stitches were inconsistent in length and jumped all over the place. But the MEMEME was so usable on pictorial quilts with all those odd shapes and nooks and crannies.


Free- motion stitching detail, Color Chip Collage #6, 2015

About 20 years after first attaching a free-motion foot to my sewing machine, I’m still trying to figure it out. My friend Frieda says it’s practice, practice, practice. I say if I don’t see any improvement in the next 10 years, I’m giving up.

Stitching Curly Fries

threetrees6A favorite machine stitch pattern for me is called Curly Fries. Can you see it in the background of my Frankenquilt? It’s a great filler stitch and fits around organic shapes like the trees. Here you see Curly Fries combined with a few banana stitches (arc shapes) to travel around the fabric. Makes me hungry just looking at it.

Quilt Like a Crawley

craftsydoublewedding1In my next life I will make quilts like this and I will have the elegance of the Crawley women of Downton Abbey. But first I must sign up for Gail Kessler’s class on Craftsy. In her class Gail shows you how to easily assemble a Double Wedding Ring quilt. In fact, she shows you 3 ways to piece the  Double Wedding Ring blocks:

  • using traditional piecing methods,
  • using precision foundation paper piecing, and
  • using plastic templates that speed up the process

craftsydoublewedding2She makes it looks so easy, even I could do this! If you sign up for the Classic Double Wedding Ring class you also get 21 total yards of Downton Abbey(R) fabric by Andover. The fabrics are based on historical documents from the early twentieth century and were developed in partnership with the Downton Abbey(R) production team. Join me in class and quilt like a Crawley!