Daily Design: Falling into Place

decquilt17On occasion, things just fall into place for me when I make my daily designs. This quilt started with the beautiful blue/purple hand-dyed fabric in the center. After trimming it into a leaf shape, I found the perfect background. The green collage was made for a Quilting Arts taping session. (It will be out next year.) It makes me happy to look at it!

Filming for Quilting Arts


Color chip collage sample.

Today I’m off to Ohio to film 3 episodes for Quilting Arts TV with hostess, Susan Brubaker-Knapp. And I’m lucky one of those segments is with my friend, Frieda Anderson.

I’m doing a color chip collage thingie.


More samples of a color chip collage.

Frieda has shown me her project. It is beautiful. It is elegant. It is sophisticated. Mine…. not so much. But I know we’ll have a great time and I’ll get o use up lots of fused fabric scraps! Will let you know how it goes.

What Was That?

Some parts of me are aging faster than others. For instance my ears no longer hear the phrase “What’s that thing?”.  Instead I hear “Where’s that ring?”.


Catherine Redford, quilt instructor.

So maybe Catherine Redford will excuse me for calling her Catherine Redman the other day when I talked about the party for the Chicago School of Fusing. (Or as I like to hear, Chicago’s Cool and Oozing.)


Chameleon by Catherine Redford

This is the type of embroidery Catherine does. Isn’t it gorgeous! Please visit Catherine’s web site to see her available classes and other embroideries like this stitched chameleon. And soon you’ll find her on Quilting Arts TV. Look for Catherine in the 1300 series.

Can You Say Analogous?

Birdland #8 by Laura Wasilowski

Long, long ago in a universe far away (known as Ohio), Frieda Anderson and I filmed a workshop for Quilting Arts. In this workshop (available as a download or DVD) we teach you how to create art quilts in the  approved Chicago School of Fusing way.

Birdland #8 (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

The workshop is called Improvisational Fused Quilt Art and you can see a preview of it here. I can’t remember what we did in our workshop right now cause my life is such a blur of fun activity and fascinating experiences like doing the laundry and making dinner. But I know it had something to do with creating fused art quilts.

Birdland #8 (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

The one thing I do remember about filming the workshop is Frieda talking about fabric color choices. We agreed ahead of time that I would pronounce the word “analogous” as Frieda finds it a difficult word.  Don’t we all? Frieda and I make a good team.

Quilting Arts DVD for January 10

Frieda and I have a new DVD from Quilting Arts called Improvisational Fused Quilt Art (available as a download. Or Improvisational Fused Quilt Art (available as a DVD). You can see a preview at either of those links.  In this class, we reveal all. Well, not everything. But we do teach you several ways of making fused art quilts.

It was fun working with Frieda although it left me with a sort of dazed look on my face. A lot of people have that effect on me. I wonder why?