Interior Landscapes?

prettyplanetpalmtreesWe’ve reached that time in my gardening life where I shut myself up in the house. Why, you ask? Because mosquitoes roam the earth looking for blood, my blood.

prettyplanetpalmtrees1So what’s a gardener to do? Why work on a landscape indoors, of course! Here you see a quilt sample from my defunct Pretty Planets class being turned into a small piece of art. All it lacks is some machine quilting and a few tiny dots representing…. mosquitoes.

Sailing Along


Pretty Planet #11 by Laura Wasilowski

 I know nothing about sailboats except that a fast moving boom can knock you overboard. (Ask me how I know.) But when I made this Pretty Planet quilt, I imagined sailing in friendly waters with a tropical breeze…while wearing a huge life vest.


Pretty Planet #11 by Laura Wasilowski

That’s the beauty of making art, it takes you places you’ll never go.

Pretty Planet Down Under


Pretty Planet #2 by Laura Wasilowski

Does this ever happen to you? I’ve got this tune stuck in my head. The song I keep repeating is called This Pretty Planet by Tom Chapin. It’s a beautiful song my children sang in choir years ago.


Pretty Planet #4 by Laura Wasilowski

This song was the inspiration for a series of round quilts and a class celebrating our precious planet earth. Next week I’ll be teaching my class, Pretty Planet, at the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne, Australia. There is still room in the class if you’d like to join me. I’ll teach you the song too!

Sailing the Mid-Atlantic


Pretty Planet #11 by Laura Wasilowski

It looks like clear sailing to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton VA this February. I’ll be teaching several classes including Pretty Planet. In this class we make a small round quilt from fused fabrics that celebrates our lovely planet. (One of nine, I’m told.)


Pretty Planet #11 (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

You are given some templates, but free cutting and improvisation are part of the class too. You decide on the shapes and story behind your quilt to make an original design. Hope you can join me in this class or any of the other classes I’ll be teaching at the Festival!

Planning Ahead for Fun!


Patterns and samples for the Pretty Planet class I’m teaching at Penn National.

Ever open your suitcase and realize you’ve forgotten an important item for your trip? I do it all the time. Today I’m packing for my mid-September trip to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza. And this time I’m using a check list!

CSOF badgeI’m teaching 3 classes so it’s important to plan ahead and make sure everything is packed and ready to go. Fabric? Check. Thread? Check. Class materials? Check. Badges for those graduating from the Chicago School of Fusing? Check. See you in PA!

Pretty Planet News


Pretty Planet #2 by Laura Wasilowski

Today the film crew from The Quilt Show arrives to shoot a “segment” in my classroom at Sisters OR. That’s film talk for my friend Shelly asking me questions. And expecting intelligent answers after I’ve taught all day.


Put your scrim to your Timtex Pretty Planet people.

One thing I plan to talk about is my Pretty Planet Quilts workshop. We’ll discuss the mystery of scrim on batting, hand embroidery on fused quilts, and how to make your quilt round……like our planet!

Stay tuned to see when it will air on TQS and if I sound intelligent.


Get your free pattern and DVD for Leaves in a Whirl  at Quiltfest Palm Springs

One more thing. If you’d like to make your own Pretty Planet quilt, please join my class at Quiltfest Palm Springs October 9. If you sign up for any of my classes at Quiltfest, you’ll get a free copy of my pattern and DVD Leaves in a Whirl. It’s like getting 2 classes for the price of one!