You Have One Week

heartdesktop3aYou have one week to do this: make a Valentine for your honey. The directions are on page 58 of the February/March 2014 Quilters Newsletter magazine.

heartdesktop2aMy Easy Lesson: Desk Quilt article gives you all the info you need to make a small, free-standing Valentine quilt for your sweetie. And when you receive that box of chocolates in return, please invite me over.

Do You Get QN?


Hearts and Flowers by Laura Wasilowski

Are you a subscriber to Quilters Newsletter Magazine? Hot of the press is their latest edition (February / March) and it includes a fascinating article you will no doubt wish to read. Found on page 58 is an Easy Lesson by yours truly called A Desktop Quilt.


Hearts and Flowers (desktop) by Laura Wasilowski

The article features directions for a little Valentine quilt that you hang on the wall or, if you make 2, becomes a desk top or card quilt. (The little quilts only measure 6″ square and can be joined with stitching.) Hand embroidery gives them that loving touch so very useful in a Valentine. Hope you get to see the article!