5 Reasons to Be Here


Bird on a Branch #1 by Laura Wasilowski.

There are 5 reasons I hike it down to Houston every year to attend the International Quilt Festival.

  1. I get to eat BBQ and drink a beer, just one, every night.
  2. I meet lots of entertaining people at the Artfabrik booth who tell me wild stories about their life and make my life look stale.
  3. The quilt exhibits are outstanding!
  4. I have 2 quilts in the juried show that I made for love, not money. (That means I didn’t win any prizes.)
  5. And most importantly, I’m with my peeps. Being with quilters and sharing our favorite fabric pass time is the best time of the year!

See Bird on a Branch #1 at the Artfabrik booth (#1739) and tell me an entertaining story.

Flying to Houston?


Coleen’s Calling Birds #23 by Laura Wasilowski will be on display at the Artfabrik book in Houston.

Are you on your way to the International Quilt Festival in Houston yet? Well, fly on down sisters and brothers. Have we got a quilt show for you!

Frieda and I can hardly wait to meet you in the Artfabrik booth (#1739). You can also meet my latest bird friend, Coleen’s Calling Birds #23. (Boy that Coleen sure has a lot of birds.)


Getting Ready for the Big Show


Frieda and I looking fresh for the Houston Show.

Once a year Frieda and I pack dozens of boxes filled with hand-dyed fabric and thread. Then those boxes magically appear at the International Quilt Festival in Houston TX. A little elf unloads the boxes an sets up the Artfabrik booth (#1739) and everyone is happy.


Betty’s Bloomers #27 by Laura Wasilowski

You can also be happy. See lots of new little quilts for sale in our booth like this one called, Betty’s Bloomers #27. Boy, that Betty sure has lots of bloomers.

How to Stitch a Nut House #5


Nut House (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

My last bit of hand embroidery on the Nut House is around the outside edges of the design. All it takes is a few Running Stitches and Straight Stitches  in a True Blues Size 12 thread to give it a neat, finished look. You gotta love a neat Nut House.


Nut House by Laura Wasilowski

The background fabric (formerly a hand-dyed shirt sleeve) is now machine stitched. That smooth arch at the top is made possible with Timtex, a stiff interfacing placed behind the batting to hold the shape.

I could see living in this sweet little Nut House. And you can see it in person at the Artfabrik booth (#1739) at the IQF show in Houston next week. Stop in and say “hi” and I’ll give a tour of the house!

Sneak Peek of a New Quilt: Off to the Show!


Penelope’s Poppies by Laura Wasilowski

My new silk quilt, Penelope’s Poppies, is all quilted up and ready to go. Like many of you, I was intimidated by working in silk. Why? Because it’s expensive! But then I thought, when you put so much time into making art work, why not use the best materials available?

Penelope’s Poppies (measuring 34″ x 48″) is on it’s way to Houston. You can see it on display at the International Quilt Festival beginning October 28 through November 1. I’ll be there too! Come see me in the Artfabrik booth #1739.

Autumn in My Neighborhood

fall2It’s a beautiful fall day here in Illinois. We are so lucky to have seasonal changes. It makes you appreciate Mother Nature even more.


Nice Neighborhood #3 by Laura Wasilowski

Soon I’ll leave Autumn in my Illinois neighborhood and be on my way to the IQF (International Quilt Festival) show in Houston. This means for the next week I’ll be packing fabric and thread to ship to the venue. You can see me and my shipment in the Artfabrik booth #1238. Will I see you there?