A Jolly Place to Live


There’s Always One by Annie

It’s always a thrill to see finished art work created by one of my students. This fun little village was made by Annie who attended my class at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. Can you guess why her delightful quilt is called “There’s Always One”?

annieshousebSee the fish swimming counter to the others? That’s Annie. She’s always thinking outside of the box and that is why her art work is so fun. Thanks for sharing your work with us Annie!

Put a Bird on It


Brushing Up #7 by Laura Wasilowski

In a fit of cleaning out a studio shelf, I unearthed another little quilt to update. The paint brush in Brushing Up #7 looked so sad and lonely that I felt it needed a companion. How do you update an old quilt?

brushingupsbirdWhy put a bird on it of course! Now our little paint brush has a friend. Ah, isn’t that sweet? You’ll see this quilt and many others at the Artfabrik/Friestyle booth at the Houston International Quilt Festival next week. Come see Frieda and me in booth #1229.