The More You Stitch, the Better You Feel

decquilt10I must admit I didn’t want to spend the time adding hand embroidery this little quilt. It seemed so ordinary, so plain.


Whimsy Lane #7 by Laura Wasilowski

But once I got started, it was hard to stop! It proved to be a great canvas for trying out some new stitch ideas.┬áHere’s what I discovered. You can use the blanket stitch for field rows. The Herringbone stitch makes for interesting texture in the fields too. And crisscrossing straight stitches on the tree trunk creates a plaid pattern. It is amazing what a difference a stitch makes.

Daily Design: Ugly Fabric?

decquilt15aToday I am challenging myself. See that dark, foreboding fabric lurking in the background? My challenge is to use this over-dyed silk fabric and adapt my daily design to the color and patterning of the fabric.

And I’m not to happy about it.

decquilt15bBut on occasion you have to test yourself and see if you can work within a color scheme other than your go-to color palette. I’ve surprised myself and like how this turned out. Maybe we should challenge ourselves more often, rather than going with the comfortable and easy.


Daily Design: History Lesson

decquilt9And now a little history lesson: The evolution of this quilt design. It began with the fences. (Also known as left over edges from a woven fused collage.) The fences needed a purpose, so a few fields were added. The fields are near a farm house. Years ago the farmer planted 3 trees in the front yard. After years of exposure to a strong westerly wind, the trees (and house) have tilted to the east. It’s a mighty wind!

In real life, the farmer will tell you that the colors of this design are sweeter, not so dull. Care will be needed in the final photo, after hand embroidery, to get the image colors just right.

Daily Design: Scraps as Starter Dough

decquilt4I don’t know what I’d do without my fused fabrics scraps. Like starter dough, they are the source of all my new little quilt designs in December. This one started with the left over woven collage that became the roof of the house. From there, the remaining fabric shapes just fell into place. This is what I like about improvisational design: It just happens! Can’t wait to hand stitch this one!

A Daily Design: In Training

decquilt3My goal to make a small quilt design everyday in December is like exercising. The more you do, the more “in shape” you become. (Or so I’m told.) This design began with a small house. I found it loitering with my heap of fused fabric scraps and decided it was time to give it a home.

I’m not a big fan of dark purple so this was a challenge for me. I think with enough hand embroidery, this quilt will perk up. My purpose in making the piece wasn’t to create a masterpiece. I need to train my eyes and hands and make lots of art before I can get better.

Daily Design: Plan A

illinoistree15detailMy time in the studio is limited by travel all year long. But not during the month of December! So here is my plan for this much needed time for creativity: I want to make a small quilt design everyday of the month!

decquilt1So far, so good. Each day I’ve set aside at least 1 hour to play with my fused fabric scraps. In some cases, I’ve used parts of left over collages like the water collage in this design. (It is a remnant from the quilt in my Craftsy Class: Sketch It, Fuse It, Quilt It.) And for those worried about my disappearing house above. Not to worry! Part of Plan A is to hand embroider around the house to make it pop out from the background.