Guest Artists: Creating Graphic Imagery


House by Iris

Another favorite class I’ll be teaching this week in Sisters OR is called Creating Graphic Imagery. No matter what you make in this class, it turns out terrific. Students design their own artwork and build on black fabric using the black to outline shapes as illustrated by Iris’s quilt above. Isn’t it wonderful?


Canyon by Suzanne

Here’s another example from a previous class by Suzanne. She says: “It was so much fun to bring to completion this vision of a special canyon in Canada.  Love this technique too, just what I was looking for to illustrate and simplify what I saw.  Fun, also to use such vibrant colors.” Well done Suzanne!

Thank you Iris and Suzanne for sharing your beautiful artwork with us.

It’s a Wrap!


We live in such a beautiful country! Here is a view of the Rockies taken from my airline seat as I returned home from my last flight of the year. I was lucky to end my teaching year with the Clark County Quilters in Vancouver WA. A warm and jovial group, they kept me entertained and happy to be a quilt teacher.


A tiny homes quilt by Linda.

Over the past year I’ve met up with many talented people who attend to my goofy lectures, take my goofy classes, and send me photos of what they have made. Here is a fun little quilt completed by Linda from a class at the Chicago Show in April.


A ‘woodcut’ quilt made by Jill.

And here is beautiful quilt by Jill. She sent this image of her woodcut quilt made in the Creating Graphic Imagery class in Santa Clara, CA in October. She says the berries, apples, and flowers depicted in the piece are all important crops in the Pajaro Valley where she lives.

It’s been a delight traveling the nation and learning so much from my fellow quilters. But I’m taking a few months off now. It’s time to unpack, de-clutter, take a breath, and make some new work.


Guest Artists Making Beautiful Work


Art work by Hilary

It gives me so much pleasure to show you work from my students. I’m so proud of what they make and love sharing it with you. Here you see a small quilt by Hilary from a recent class on Cape Cod. Don’t you love how she’s filled in those simple shapes with pattern and texture? The repetition of colors and shapes make it a very appealing, original design.


Art work by Arline

I also enjoy showing art work by those using my hand dyed fabrics and threads. (It makes all the drudge work of dyeing seem worth while.) Here you see a detail of stitching by Arline using hand dyed threads. I love the way she manipulates the thread to sketch on the surface of the fabric, defining shapes, and adding highlights  and depth. This is a lovely piece.

Thank you Arline and Hilary for sharing your art work with us!

Guest Artists: Loving Thread


House by Maryann

Isn’t this sweet? Maryann recently attended my Tiny Homes workshop in Madison and finished her project. She says: I really enjoyed doing the embroidery.  In fact I enjoyed it so much I’ve a couple more ideas to work into others and have just placed an order for more thread. (Thank you, Maryann!)


Little Bird by Nora

Here’s another great use of embroidery by Nora. She stitched along with me during my Wooly Bird Tutorial. Nora says: I have been in a stitching slump and this has been the answer to getting those needles stitching again. Glad to hear it Nora.

Thank you to Maryann and Nora for sharing their art with us!

Guest Artist


by Sylvia

It’s always fun to hear from my former students. Especially when they send me photos of their finished work. Isn’t this a lovely quilt by Sylvia? She says, I loved making it, and look forward to using your techniques often in the future. It was a pleasure to have Sylvia in my class and hear that she exhibited her work at the Fine Art of Fiber at the Botanic Gardens in Chicago.

Great piece Sylvia! Thanks for sharing.

Translating Ideas Class #3


Becky and her art work

I want to thank Becky, education coordinator at the National Quilt Museum, for providing a great atmosphere for our workshop, Translating Ideas Into Fabric, last week. Not only did she make some fun quilts but provided us with cookies as well.

There was such a variety of art work made during class. Each was individual to the maker. And I think they surprised themselves when it all came together. In November, I’m teaching a similar class at Art Quilt Tahoe. Can’t wait to see the beautiful work those artists come up with!