Creating Calm


Bonnie’s Home, Sweet Home project

Do you find that making things occupies a part of your mind that calms everything down and transports you to a different “zone”? I know I do. And I’m so happy when you enjoy the soothing act of creation too.

Here you see a creation by Bonnie who lives in Juneau, Alaska. This is her version of the Home, Sweet Home Tutorial. Her handwork is beautifully done and the excellent machine stitching on the ground gives me great ideas.


Jen made this version of the Rare Songbird project from my book, Joyful Stitching. I really like her thread color choices and the ways she’s stitched the bug and grass. It’s so good to see how others interpret a design and make it their own.

Thank you, Bonnie and Jen, for sharing your artwork with us. I hope you had many soothing hours with needle and thread.

Your Artwork is Wonderful!


Nut House by Christine

It’s so wonderful to see what you are making! Christine’s Nut House was made using the Frieda’s Nut House Stitch-Along Tutorial. She did a beautiful job on the stitching and her color choices are soothing to the eye. You can see more of her work on Instagram or Facebook under @patchworkallsorts or visit her blog Patchwork Allsorts


Home, Sweet Home by Beverly

This fused art quilt by Beverly is also based on one of our free tutorials, Home, Sweet Home. She made terrific fabric choices, added extra flourishes with her hand embroidery, and hand stitched a snappy slogan to the bottom edge of the design.


Nina’s Island Paradise

Island Paradise by Nina is so refreshing and fun! And you’ll admire her ability to make the best of a bad situation. She says, “I was finishing the fusing and before I quilted the sky, I cut my finger and bled on it. The seagull was the solution…sometimes you just gotta go with the flow! …….and the flamingo is eyelash yarn covering up an attempt to make real looking feathers with my stitching!” 

Thank you Christine, Beverly, and Nina for sharing your beautiful work with us!




And More of Your Work


Cat by Ann

Don’t you just love it!  Ann makes best use of the wool background fabric when stitching this feisty feline. So much personality created with just a few stitches. Ann says, “I took your class when you came to the Hinsdale embroidery guild. Thought I’d share my finished cat!  Has been a wonderful project to work on these days. Thank you for all your directions especially to remember you can take something out!” 

Apple Basket by Mary

Mary used a free pattern given to those who have purchased something from the Artfabrik Store to make this piece. And diverting from the pattern directions, she’s placed the fused shapes on a large batik background fabric. This really livens up the design. What a great idea! Her hand embroidery really adds to the piece too.
Thank you Ann and Mary for sharing your beautiful work with us! 

What You’ve Been Up To


Kearstie’s version of the Tools of the Trade stitch-along

Thank you all for joining me on my recent stitch-along, Home, Sweet Home. I hope you enjoyed it. And I’m pleased to see others have completed the previous stitch-along, Tools of the Trade. Here you see Kearstie’s version of it. The innovative fabric borders frame her hand stitchery beautifully. And I love that extra wiggle in the stitching of the brush hairs.


Kathy’s version of the Tools of the Trade stitch-along

In Kathy’s version of the Tools stitch-along, she chose her own wonderful colorways and executed the design delightfully. She says she “learned so much in the Stitch Along.” I’m so happy to hear that, Kathy!


Christine’s version of the Tools of the Trade stitch-along

Christine created this version of the Tools project. She says, “I really enjoyed stitching it and I am hoping to join in stitching your new project soon. I’ve been stitching along with lots of different stitch-a-longs and it’s brilliant for keeping busy!!” You can see more of Christine’s work on her Instagram and Facebook pages @patchworkallsorts.

Thank you, ladies, for sharing your work with us! I hope the hours spent with needle and thread were enjoyable and creative.

Sharing Work: 2 Guest Artists

Bloomers quilt by Sharon

Bloomers quilt by Sharon

It’s always a privilege to share the beautiful art work of others on my blog. Especially if they were kind enough to take one of my classes. This quilt is by Sharon who participated in my workshop in Arkansas. She says that the quilt, ” …happily hangs in our kitchen now. ” She also mentioned that taking the class  “…really made me think differently about fusing.” Thank you, Sharon! My mission in life is to spread the word that fusing is fun. 


Exotically Pollinated by Karen

And speaking of fun, here you see a sweet quilt by Karen. She says she, “started this project in a class you taught in Green Bay, WI last year for the Evergreen Quilt Guild.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  The three flowers were something I pulled out of your scrap pile and I wove the basket in class.” The quilt will be in the upcoming Evergreen Art Show in Women Who Run With Scissors Exhibit. The theme of the show was “exotic pollinators“ but she turned it around to be “Exotically Pollinated”. Thank you, Karen! I love your sense of humor.