Autumn at Last!


Windswept (18″ x 22″) by Ro Morrissey

Our autumn color is finally here! Maybe the delay in arrival was due to the hot summer or Mother Nature’s paint brush being lost in the mail. To celebrate Fall’s arrival, I bring you a lovely quilt called Windswept by Ro. Ro used my hand dyed fabrics. and her wonderful sense of color to create this autumn image.

You can see more of her enticing landscape work here: Cape Cod Fabric Art.


Blue Rake by Laura Wasilowski

And to sweep up all those falling leaves, a Blue Rake by me. This is a favorite time of year for many of us. We are so lucky to live an area with changing seasons.

Crazy Patch of Wool


wool block by Donna

My new best friend, Donna, is making a set of quilt blocks from wool. She’s sewn odd shapes of wool together onto muslin in a crazy patchwork style. Each block is then enhanced with embroidery stitches decorating the seam lines. (Note the beautiful size 8 thread from her supplier, Artfabrik.)


wool block by Donna

And here’s a twist. Donna leaves the labels on the swatches of wool fabric. This is a portable project and a great way to reuse an old wool jacket or skirt to make something warm and cozy. Thanks for sharing your work with us Donna!

A Beautiful Design: Guest Artist


Jane’s zen doodle quilt.

A more challenging one-day class I teach is called Zen Doodle Quilts. In this class, students make sketches and then convert them into patterns for a fused art quilt. Everyone makes their own design and works hard in picking colors and developing the composition as they go.

Here is a good example of a successful Zen Doodle Quilt made by Jane. The placement of color and design elements are balanced and pleasing. See how her hand and machine quilting really enhance the quilt? Isn’t it delightful?

Guest Artist: Ready for the Next One


Tiny Home by Gini

Isn’t this sweet? This small quilt was made by Gini in my Tiny Homes class in Madison, WI a while back. Here’s what she says:

Just wanted to let you know that had a wonderful time at your Tiny House workshop in Madison and an even better time with all the embroidery.  Your fabrics and thread make it an absolute joy – they make me so happy!  I have a tendency to overthink and your approach was very freeing and spontaneous.  And I haven’t messed up my iron either! …..I’m ready to start another project using the same technique.

Thanks for sharing your work with us Gini. I am so happy you did not mess up your iron!

Graphic Imagery Class Success!


Flowers by Janice made in Creating Graphic Imagery Class

Last week I taught a workshop at Quilter’s Affair in Sister OR called Creating Graphic Imagery. And the results were magnificent! Here you see a the beginnings of a beautiful quilt by one of my students, Janice.


Creating Graphic Imagery is a revival of a “woodcut” class I taught long ago. Students receive a color pallet of fabrics in pastel and bright rainbow gradations. The kit fabric is fused as is a piece of black background fabric.


Fused fabric shapes are cut and placed on top of the black to reveal a small black outline around each shape. This gives it the “woodcut” look that makes its so dramatic. Each quilt design was different in class because each student designed their own work and made a pattern for themselves. That’s what I call a successful class.

Guest Artist: Goofy Quilt?


Toast House by Charlotte

Sometimes you come across artwork that just makes you smile. My friend Charlotte’s artwork above is from her “goofy quilt” series. (Her term for it.) They are the result of a good sense of humor and the love of making fun quilts. Here’s what she says about her house quilt:

I told my husband whenever I was sick, my mom made me cinnamon toast cut into long strips. He replied that when he was sick, his mom made him toast houses. After that, our children always had toast houses when they were ill. If you look closely at the clouds, you will see how to make a toast house of your own.

Toast House (label) by Charlotte

And here’s a clever way to label your quilt. Charlotte says: the label is from a toaster cover I embroidered when I was around 10 years old, in the mid to late 50″s. My oldest son’s only comment when I showed him, was a look of horror and he said “And you still had it?”
You see Charlotte other “goofy quilt” on this post from June of last year. Thanks for sharing your fun art work with us Charlotte!