Garden Update and the Colors of Autumn

astersLook at that color! I had planted this asters plant in the Spring and then forgot all about it. In fact, it is lucky to be alive! For a long time I thought it was a weed but never got around to weeding my garden cause I am a lazy slug. Then I left town and returned to find it blooming.

astersfabricI have a colorway of thread and fabric called Asters inspired by the plant. Or maybe I should say, inspired by my memory of asters from a different garden. In any case, Asters is one of my favorite colorways that I dye, the colors of Autumn.

A Scrappy Winner!

Our scrappy winner of the Free on Friday fabulous fused fabric scraps is…. Betsy.  May you fuse with frivolity Betsy!

tomatoesThanks to everyone who left a comment on the Free on Friday blog post yesterday. I enjoyed them all. And if you need any tomatoes, let me know. Our garden overfloweth.

Embroidery for the Birds #7


Bird with a checkered past and lots of hand embroidery.

The hand embroidery stitching is now complete on my little bird with a checkered past. You’ll notice I’ve used the Oranges colorway of thread around the tree trunk and tree tops. This same colorway has been used a lot on the bird and background. Think I’ll buy a bunch of it.

After a good pressing, I’ll bind the little quilt (12″ x 15″) and start a new project. Or maybe I’ll just start a new project.

Also, our little bird is now part of a Link Party. Check it out here.

garden7Thank you for joining me on my garden bench while I was stitching. (Looks like we’ve been here a long time.) I hope you enjoyed the stitch-a-thon and garden tour. Next time could you pull a few weeds?

Embroidery for the Birds #6

birdstitch11Moving right along with the stitch-a-thon, hand embroidery is added to those broad leaves by the bird. I’m using a version of the Fern Stitch down the center of the leaf. The thread is a Size 12 Pearl Cotton Thread with a Size 5 embroidery needle. Looks like the Green Grass colorway to me. Ok, I’m sure it is Green Grass.

birdstitch13And speaking of grass, here you see straight stitches on the strips of grass near the bottom of the design. You’ll recognize this thread as the same Sprouts colorway used on the bird’s wing. I like this color here.

garden5And I really like this color! Look at this wonderful poppy in my garden. Now doesn’t that brighten up your day?

Embroidery for the Birds #5

birdstitch10Now that the hand embroidery on the bird is complete, I move on to other areas of the quilt. The hill to the right acquires a few Running Stitches and Cross Stitches. These are used to add pattern to the quilt surface and help repeat color.

You’ll notice that it is a finer thread. I’m using a Size 12 Pearl Cotton Thread with a Size 5 embroidery needle. A set of flowers made with French Knots rush up the hill top. They are very determined.

birdstitch15The ever versatile  Blanket Stitch edges those spikes of foliage in the background. It’s the same Oranges thread used on the bird.

garden6And here’s another flower blooming in my garden. It’s a very plain peony. Not fancy, not showy but living a happy life surrounded by some yellow friendly flowers. Anyone know the name of that yellow friendly flower?

Embroidery for the Birds #4

birdstitch9Is it true what they say about stitchers? That we are we prickly people who love to needle others? You may want to ask this little bird.

birdstitch8I’m using a very fine black sewing thread (size 50) and an Outline Stitch to edge his eye. Later, straight stitches are added across the pupil. Like eye surgery, it’s very delicate but it makes him look better.

garden3And speaking of delicate. Here’s a dragonfly perching on a dried up daffodil flower in my garden. The dragonfly kept returning to this same flower head. Not sure why.