Embroidered Garden


Today my students in Sisters, OR begin their embroidered gardens. They will design their own work beginning with a sketch. Then they’ll add free-form hand embroidery to hand dyed silk fabric fused to batting.  Stitchers are so inventive. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!


Want to join them? The Embroidered Garden Tutorial shows you the steps my students will take to prepare their silk fabrics for stitching. Plus you’ll find directions on how to make this blue tree in a woodland garden. Have fun!

Escaping Color to Color


Mixing the blues!

It’s been a long two weeks of dyeing. Each day, I dye pearl cotton thread in my basement studio, hand wash it out, and hang it up to air dry. It’s colorful but messy work.

gardenflowersWhat a relief to escape the dye studio and enjoy the colors of my garden. Early summer truly is the best time of year for a stroll through the foliage. Flowers like poppies are in full bloom. Our new crop of zinnias cheerfully fill the world with color. And the mosquitoes greet me gleefully. How does your garden grow?

Planting a Few Seeds


Watering Can by Laura Wasilowski

Many years ago I planted a few morning glory seeds in the garden. They seemed the perfect flower to cover an old fence post. But little did I know how quickly this vivid blue flower with lush green vines could take over a garden.

morningglorychair2I still love the morning glories and look forward to their blooms each year. They are a constant source of inspiration for my quilts too. But they are getting the better of me and the garden this year. It’s amazing what can happen when you plant just a few seeds.

A View of My Garden

poppyflowerIsn’t this spectacular? This year my poppies are big and flush with color. Must be all that rain and my diligent weeding. (Ha! Me weeding the garden? I amuse myself.)


Princess Louise Poppies by Laura Wasilowski

Here is my tribute to the lovely poppies in my garden. These need no weeding at all. That’s my kind of poppy!

A Leafy Winner


Illinois Trees #16 by Laura Wasilowski

Thank you everyone for your kind words about our old maple tree that is about to be removed from the front yard. We will miss the shade but will be able to plant a new, healthy tree in the spring. Like many of you, we see our neighborhood trees as good friends and we hate to see this beauty go.

On a happier note, congratulations to Sylvia S. You are the winner of the Leaves in a Whirl pattern with instructional DVD from yesterday’s blog give away. Enjoy!

Free on Friday! Leaves

tree6Sadly, we just found out that the sugar maple tree in the front yard must come down. The arborist said it was close to 100 years old but 80% gone. We shall miss it!

To celebrate our long lived tree, I am giving away a copy of my pattern Leaves in a Whirl (along with instructional DVD) today. Please leave a comment on the blog today and you may be the lucky winner!