A Great Idea!


Pam of Ithaca and her artwork.

I get the best ideas from my creative students. Meet Pam, who attended my class in Ithaca, NY in April. To my delight she walked into the classroom with this gorgeous embroidery of her hand. She says her hand-embroidery on silk was inspired by the Hand of Fortune project from Joyful Stitching.


A tracing of my grandson’s hand, age 3.5.


And then she gave me a gift.

Pam suggested tracing those tiny hands of our children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews and stitching them too. What a great way to commemorate the growth of a child!

Thank you Pam for sharing your artwork and your stupendous idea.

Joyful Heart


Valentine #2 by Laura Wasilowski

May you have a joyful heart this Valentine’s Day. May your day be full of love for your family, your friends, your pet, your garden, your home, your art.

And when you get that box of chocolates, please invite me over.

Just Can’t Get Anything Done


It’s the dog days of summer and I just can’t get anything done. Maybe it’s the ┬áheat or the humidity or …..here’s an idea….. babysitting two young rascals who are quite charming but need lots of attention.

My productivity level is at an all time low. About all I can get done is twisting and labeling thread. (Thread that was dyed well over a month ago.) Do you every find yourself with zero ambition? Is it a bad thing?

How to Get Your Husband to Iron Fabric

The International Quilt Festival in Chicago is coming up this week and yards of fabric must be ironed. Here’s my method of ironing fabric: con your husband into ironing the fabric for you! Use these simple steps and you’ll experience a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of well being. Not to mention getting your fabric ironed too!

How To Get Your Husband to Iron Fabric

1. Dye some fabric in various containers. Notice how your back and feet are aching? Good. You’ll need that memory in the future.

2. Wash the fabric and stack it conspicuously on a shelf. Sign loudly.

3. Complain about how tired your feet are. You’ve been on your dogs dyeing for days!

Sigh louder.

4. Heat up your trusty, shiny, new steam iron. Point out its features like how it glides across fabric and is a pleasure to steam with.

5. Find something on TV for him to watch. Cartoons work best. Or maybe an old war movie. But do not put on a political debate or the iron won’t be the only thing steaming! You want to keep his attention so he doesn’t wander out of the room.

6. Park him in front of the TV, the iron, and see the results!

7. Be grateful and give him a big kiss as a reward. In extreme cases offer to order out for dinner and rub his feet. Rub his feet after dinner.

I hope you have found this helpful. It may also work with children and unsuspecting house guests.