Guest Artists: Creating Graphic Imagery


House by Iris

Another favorite class I’ll be teaching this week in Sisters OR is called Creating Graphic Imagery. No matter what you make in this class, it turns out terrific. Students design their own artwork and build on black fabric using the black to outline shapes as illustrated by Iris’s quilt above. Isn’t it wonderful?


Canyon by Suzanne

Here’s another example from a previous class by Suzanne. She says: “It was so much fun to bring to completion this vision of a special canyon in Canada.  Love this technique too, just what I was looking for to illustrate and simplify what I saw.  Fun, also to use such vibrant colors.” Well done Suzanne!

Thank you Iris and Suzanne for sharing your beautiful artwork with us.

A Jolly Place to Live


There’s Always One by Annie

It’s always a thrill to see finished art work created by one of my students. This fun little village was made by Annie who attended my class at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. Can you guess why her delightful quilt is called “There’s Always One”?

annieshousebSee the fish swimming counter to the others? That’s Annie. She’s always thinking outside of the box and that is why her art work is so fun. Thanks for sharing your work with us Annie!

Wool Stitching Class Anyone?

woolandthreadDid you know that I am a peripatetic teacher? Yes, and soon my travels will take me to Daytona FL for the AQS Show. Let the packing begin! Here you see the wool and threads that are part of the kit for my Free-Stitched Wool Embroidery class.

woolbird18Each student gets all the necessary items needed to make something like this charming bird with “Birdsonality”. They will design their own work fort he wool fabric and determine their own stitches. Can’t wait to see what they make!

Wool Stitchery Class Work

woolclass8Recently, I taught a new class called Improvisational Hand Embroidery on Wool. As you can guess, it is a slow paced class. (Hard to race around the classroom with a sharp needle in your hand.) You would also expect it to be a quiet classroom.


A simple design with very lovely hand work.

But I was happily surprised by the amount of chatter. Like an old fashioned quilting bee, students sat, stitched, and visited with each other all day long.

woolclass7In this class, students make original designs and learn about the joy of hand embroidery on wool. They also meet new people, share stitch ideas, and make artwork at the same time. Seems ideal to me.

And now I must apologize. I did not make note of who made what. So I can’t attribute the designs above to the people who actually made them. It was such at thrill to see them at work, I forgot to make a list of the stitchers and their designs.


Packing Up the Wool

woolclassTime to pack for my new class called Improvisational Hand Embroidery on Wool. I’m cutting up rectangles of wool fabric and placing colorful hand-dyed threads on rings for the class kit. Needles, more thread, and class step-outs are all set to go.

wool2In this class, students make original designs and learn about the joy of hand embroidery on wool. My creative students will all make something different and I can’t wait to see the results. Hope to see you at the Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, CA where I teaching this class on October 14.