Two Winners!


Watering Can by Laura Wasilowski

We have 2 winners this time from the Free on Friday comments. The winner of the fabric is Beth S who likes the little things about Spring that cheer her up like a walk or crocus in bloom.


Chicago School of Fusing Campus by Laura Wasilowski

And Carol L won The Quilt Life magazine. She asked if my son Gus was a graduate of the Chicago School of Fusing and the answer is: of course!

Hopping from One Fete to Another


Jane Sassaman, Ann Fahl, Emily Parson, Catherine Redman. Frieda Anderson, and Barb Vlack are seated.

I don’t know about you, but I love a good party. Since late October I’ve been on a party rampage. Hopping from one fete to another. Here’s the latest, a gathering of the Chicago School of Fusing. We met at Barb Vlack’s house and dished our dish and dishes for hours.

Interested in joining the Chicago School of Fusing? There are 3 criteria in becoming a member of the CSOF.

  1. The ability to find Chicago on a map.
  2. The ability to use an iron.
  3. The ability to turn up at the party with food.

Hope you can join us next time!

Will You Take the Pledge Too?

lauracallingYou have spoken and I have listened.

ironTherefore I am renewing my Chicago School of Fusing pledge. Please recite with me: ¬†“I promise, as a Iron Maiden (or Man) ¬†from the Chicago School of Fusing, that I will never ever ever get fusible web on the iron or ironing surface.” Now, don’t you feel better?

Look What I Found!

As I was preparing the famous Chicago School of Fusing T-Shirt to ship to the winner of our blog give away on Friday, guess happened? I found another one! That means I can get rid of, I mean, give away 2 T-shirts this week. And the lucky winners of the T-Shirts are: Carla and Cornwoman.
May they wear their Chicago School of Fusing Shirts proudly. Press On!

Free on Friday- Prove It!

Are you an Iron Maiden or Iron Man? Do you have the T-Shirt to prove it? If not, today is your lucky day! I am giving away this size 2XL genuine hand-dyed T-shirt printed with the Chicago School of Fusing motto: Pressing Matters at the Chicago School of Fusing.

Just leave a comment today and if your name is drawn, you may be the best dressed fan at the next Press Off featuring the Iron Maidens at the Rowenta Sports Arena! Press On!

Guest Artists: Thistle Sisters

Dinah’s or Sandi’s quilt from the Thistle pattern..

It’s always fun to take a class and share the results with others. Dinah’s sister-in-law, Sandi, heard about her class with me and ordered this pattern for Thistles. Armed with her degree in Fusology, Dinah showed Sandi how to make the quilt using the approved Chicago School of Fusing methods.

Dinah’s or Sandi’s quilt from the Thistle pattern.

Sandi is now hooked on fusing! (It is so satisfying to win people over to the dark side.) Thanks ladies for sharing your work with us!