Machine Stitching: Free-Motion and Free on Fridays!


appstitch10A fused art quilt has lots of organic shapes that need free-motion stitching. And the beauty of free-motion stitching is that you can easily adapt your stitch designs to those shapes. For example, the spool has stitchery across the face of the spool that echo the fabric’s lines and the idea of thread wound around the spool. Different patterning is used on the top and bottom of the spool using that same thread.

appstitch9After the free-motion work is complete, the edges of the shapes are stitched too. My BERNINA has a great blanket stitch I used around the iron to give it a finished look. Would you like to make an iron of your own? Then please click here for a free pattern for an iron quilt called Pressing Matters. Enjoy!

Machine Stitching: From the Center Out

appstitch6The quilt is always stitched from the center out. But another important part of getting a flat quilt, is to press the quilt top frequently after stitching sections. Press the back too.

appstitch7I’ve stitched the orange fabric out to the different elements in the design (like the paint brush) and now its time to stitch them. Another good thing about free-motion stitching is that you can add definition to areas of the design like the lines on the tip of the brush. Here you see me using the BERNINA Stitch Regulator, perfect for doing exacting work like that needed on the brush tip.

Machine Stitching: Curly Fries!

appstitch4My BERNINA 750 QE is all set up and ready to free-motion stitch the quilt top. Stitching will start in the center of the quilt with the quilt edges folded up so it’s easier to grip. You’ll see the orange fabric stitched up to the paint brush. Later, free-motion stitching is added to the paint brush and then I’ll continue quilting the orange fabric.

appstitch3This is one of my favorite quilting designs, Curly Fries and Bananas.  The sets of curves and spirals vary in size according to the fabric shapes you’re stitching around. This flowing stitch has lots of potential working around organic shapes as well as building pattern in open areas.

On My High Horse


Trojan House #1 by Laura Wasilowski

Today I am getting on my high horse and traveling to the BERNINA Creative Center in Aurora, IL. Why?

bernina9Why to learn all about my new best friend, my soul mate, my reason for living, my favorite sewing machine! (OK, so I like the machine.) Can’t wait to see what’s new with BERNINA. I’ll tell you all about it later.

Piecing Urban Textures Fabric #3 and a Winner!

saqafabric9During my 7 hour drive back from Michigan, all I did was day dream about this pieced quilt top. Even before I unloaded the car, I warmed up my BERNINA 750 QE and added the yellow border fabric. This Graffiti fabric from Andover’s Urban Textures collection is really calling my name!

And speaking of calling names. The name of the winner of the Graffiti fabric give away is Cyndy. Congratulations! And thank you to everyone who stopped by and left a comment. With your support, I may actually finish the quilt.