MEMEME and a Thread Winner!

mememeI thought I’d show you a detail of the machine work on my Whimsy Lane #4 quilt. This free motion stitch is called the MEMEME stitch. You make an M, you make an E. This stitch allows you to get in and around organic shape easily. And it’s very calming. Give it a try!

Oh, and the winner of yesterday’s Free on Friday thread sample is…… Karon. Hope you enjoy the threads!

Spa Treatment?

bernina11While I’m off teaching at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza this week, my lovely BERNINA sewing machine is on a trip of it’s own. It is going to the spa!

Yes, it is going in to my local dealer to get all cleaned up and pretty. I recommend it for all sewing machines. They work so hard for us and deserve a little special treatment once in a while. Is it time to give your machine the spa treatment too? Maybe you could both go to the spa and get a tune up!

Spring Blooms #2


Spring Blooms #2 by Laura Wasilowski

I’m pretty sure it is the height of summer in Illinois. But this past Spring I started a series of flower quilts, Spring Blooms.

This version of Spring Blooms #2 has been hanging on my design wall since March when the tulips first popped through the ground. Why?  Because I could not decide if I wanted to add machine quilting or not.


Spring Blooms #2 by Laura Wasilowski

Yesterday I stitched it. Those tulips finally bloomed! It’s small (9″ x 9″) so it didn’t take long. And like it much better. What do you think?

Making Spring Blooms #8

blooms11It was a struggle but, I finally chose a hot red thread to do the machine quilting on Spring Blooms #4. For a while I was going to take the safe route and use a green thread. But the red thread twisted my arm and made me use the color found in the other elements of the design.


Spring Blooms #4 by Laura Wasilowski

What do you think? Would you have dared to use red thread for the quilting and binding stitches? I kind of like it!

Designing Blue Wing Chair #3

bluewing6If you’ve been following my last few blog entries, you’ll be happy to know that I finally came up with a plan to make a quilt entry for Radical Elements, called Blue Wing Chair. Here are my journal notes that led to the finished quilt with the theme of “blue”.

Brilliant Idea #3: While on a train I have a sudden brainstorm: rather than make a quilt with lots of small books attached to it, I’ll make the quilt one big book! It will be a quilt/book. By stitching two large pieces of Timtex together, one piece can roll back to an open “page” revealing a blue chair. It shall be reversible! It shall be brilliant!

bluewing8I plot the construction and pat myself on the back. Here are the first steps:

  1. Make one piece of Timtex 25” x 36” for the left page and the other 22” x 36” for the right page (the quilt must measure 22” x 36”).
  2. Paint the 2 pieces of Timtex a golden yellow.
  3. Play with an old set of flash cards and write a paragraph with them. (I love flash cards!)
  4. Paint the flash cards yellow.
  5. Fuse and stitch the flashcards onto the yellow Timtex with my trusty BERNINA.

bluewing9The joined flashcards make the left hand “page” of the open quilt/book. Tomorrow I’ll show you how I made the right “page” of the Blue Wing Chair.