Free on Friday: A Little Obsessed


Free-motion stitching on my BERNINA is a delight.

For the past few weeks I’ve been a little obsessed with my sewing machine. Here you see machine stitching skirting the Size 3 couched threads making up the sun. My BERNINA 750 QE is working like a gem and I can’t wait to fire it up every day. The stitching is a thing of beauty!

Want to see how obsessed I and other BERNINA owners are about their machines. Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean. The BERNINA interviews.

Want to win a skein of our hand-dyed Size 3 pearl cotton threads? Please leave a comment on today’s blog and you can become an obsessed stitcher too.

Be Prepared! Things Shift


Quilt top placed on wool batting and cotton backing fabric.

As an older mature woman I know that things shift. And that’s why I am planning ahead with my next large quilt. Here’s a view of the edge. Notice the extra batting and backing around the side of the quilt top? I machine stitch from the center of the quilt out. When you do that, things may shift. That’s why I need that extra batting and backing fabric. Next step? Machine quilting. I’m itching to stitch on my BERNINA 750 QE!

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Have You Tried This Combination?

bluenotedetail3Like you, I love the decorative stitches on my sewing machine. And like you, I was desperate to find ways to use them on my art quilts. And now I know how.

bluenotedetail1aIn a flash of inspiration, I decided to combine the decorative stitches on my BERNINA 750 QE with my hand embroidery stitches. You can read all about it here, on the WeAllSew blog. (BTW. This is a great blog with lots of info for us BERNINA lovers.)

This Sets Quilting Apart


It stitches through anything. Check out #berninausa for more info.

Now that the hand embroidery and backing are on my Tilty Town #1 quilt, the machine quilting begins. My BERNINA 750QE, in free-motion mode, easily goes through all the layers: quilt top, wool batting, Timtex, and backing fabric.

tiltytown1detailThe machine stitching with a wool batt and Timtex gives the quilt a trapunto look. Areas with stitching are flat and areas without machine stitching puff up. It’s hard to see in this photo, but thanks to the lofty wool batting, there is a definite bas-relief to this quilt. (I’ll show you the completed quilt tomorrow.)That’s what sets quilting aside form other art forms; the stitch makes the relief.

My New Best Foot


Check out for more information.

This is the new foot I bought for my 750QE at the BERNINA reunion. It’s called a free motion couching foot and I fell in love with it. (Check out this Tutorial of how to use it.)

bernina5This is what I did with it and my Size 3 thread. By feeding the thread through the foot I can free motion any shape with the heavy thread or yarn.

bernina6Once the shape is complete you need to draw the threads to the back of the quilt using a large embroidery needle. A Size 1 embroidery needle worked for me.

bernina7Don’t you love the organic spiral made with this couching foot? It really suits the design of my new Tilty Town quilt. Now I just have to finish adding embroidery to the rest of the quilt.

What I Learned at BERNINA


Karen Kay Buckley and Jane Sassaman at the BERNINA ambassador reunion.

Have you ever attended a reunion where you loved every moment? That’s what happened to me early this month when I attended the BERNINA Ambassador’s Reunion in Aurora, IL. It was 3 days of chatting with fellow teachers, learning about the wonderful quality of these sewing machines, and creating fun projects.

reunion2There were 3 different classes held in the BERNINA Creative Center. One class was using the B820 as a long arm machine, which I’ve never done. It was quite a treat!

reunion3We also learned about all the new bells and whistles for the 780. Here you see a peeper keeper that I’m making using an embroidery hoop. In another class we made a pillow with decorative stitches. (Which must remain a mystery as it is a gift.) Tomorrow I’ll show you some of the great things I picked up from the BERNINA staff. They really know their stuff!