Should I Bother?


I decided to add some decorative stitches to this older quilt. It’s completely finished from quilting to binding to hanging sleeve. So I unstitched the hanging sleeve and began the reverse blanket stitch around each tree top. Using my BERNINA on the widest setting, I like the way the stitch spikes out from the edge of the tree.


But then this happened. I was so entranced with the stitching I forgot to make sure the hanging sleeve didn’t get stitched too. Should I bother removing the stitches? Or just use a narrow hanging rod to display the quilt?

Oh, and the winner of our last Free on Friday give away was Bette. Congratulations Bette!

Studio Tour #2


Here’s how I left my studio before traveling to teach at the Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF) in Santa Clara CA. It’s a pit!

studio6But don’t worry. My sewing studio is in the basement of our home so no one really sees it……I hope. Note the stack of quilts next to my lovely BERNINA sewing machine. With any luck someone will finish quilting those for me while I’m gone. I’ve hired elves but they’re not very reliable.

MEMEME and a Thread Winner!

mememeI thought I’d show you a detail of the machine work on my Whimsy Lane #4 quilt. This free motion stitch is called the MEMEME stitch. You make an M, you make an E. This stitch allows you to get in and around organic shape easily. And it’s very calming. Give it a try!

Oh, and the winner of yesterday’s Free on Friday thread sample is…… Karon. Hope you enjoy the threads!

Spa Treatment?

bernina11While I’m off teaching at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza this week, my lovely BERNINA sewing machine is on a trip of it’s own. It is going to the spa!

Yes, it is going in to my local dealer to get all cleaned up and pretty. I recommend it for all sewing machines. They work so hard for us and deserve a little special treatment once in a while. Is it time to give your machine the spa treatment too? Maybe you could both go to the spa and get a tune up!

Spring Blooms #2


Spring Blooms #2 by Laura Wasilowski

I’m pretty sure it is the height of summer in Illinois. But this past Spring I started a series of flower quilts, Spring Blooms.

This version of Spring Blooms #2 has been hanging on my design wall since March when the tulips first popped through the ground. Why?  Because I could not decide if I wanted to add machine quilting or not.


Spring Blooms #2 by Laura Wasilowski

Yesterday I stitched it. Those tulips finally bloomed! It’s small (9″ x 9″) so it didn’t take long. And like it much better. What do you think?