Designing Blue Wing Chair #3

bluewing6If you’ve been following my last few blog entries, you’ll be happy to know that I finally came up with a plan to make a quilt entry for Radical Elements, called Blue Wing Chair. Here are my journal notes that led to the finished quilt with the theme of “blue”.

Brilliant Idea #3: While on a train I have a sudden brainstorm: rather than make a quilt with lots of small books attached to it, I’ll make the quilt one big book! It will be a quilt/book. By stitching two large pieces of Timtex together, one piece can roll back to an open “page” revealing a blue chair. It shall be reversible! It shall be brilliant!

bluewing8I plot the construction and pat myself on the back. Here are the first steps:

  1. Make one piece of Timtex 25” x 36” for the left page and the other 22” x 36” for the right page (the quilt must measure 22” x 36”).
  2. Paint the 2 pieces of Timtex a golden yellow.
  3. Play with an old set of flash cards and write a paragraph with them. (I love flash cards!)
  4. Paint the flash cards yellow.
  5. Fuse and stitch the flashcards onto the yellow Timtex with my trusty BERNINA.

bluewing9The joined flashcards make the left hand “page” of the open quilt/book. Tomorrow I’ll show you how I made the right “page” of the Blue Wing Chair.

Like Bees to Honey


Kathy McNeil, Paula Nedelstern, Lucy Carroll, and Laura Wasilowski

Like bees to honey, my fellow quilt cruise instructors and I found our way to the Australasian Quilt Convention while in port at Melbourne, Australia. Here you see Kathy McNeil, Paula Nedelstern, and me surrounding our fellow BERNINA Ambassador, Lucy Carroll. (I think we may have startled her with our enthusiasm.) Lucy was a guest artist at the show and her work is amazing!


This annual event is held in the spacious Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne every year. And I’m happy to announce that I’ll be one of the instructors at the show in 2016. Can’t wait to return (via airplane) to see what’s on display next year.

And so ends my travelog of my quilt cruise around parts of New Zealand and Australia. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

What’s Next to Your Machine?

sewingkit2What do you keep next to your sewing machine? This neat wooden cigar box is parked next to my BERNINA. Where once there were smelly cigars are now rows of colorful bobbins. Best recycling of a cigar box ever! You’ll also see my machine oil and cleaning brush so I can care for my favorite machine. And the inevitable seam ripper is handy too.

Do you have unusual ways of organizing your sewing area?

Finished and Fabulous!


It was a real thrill to see JoAnn again at the Savannah show last week. She had been in my Zen Doodle class last year and brought her finished quilt into to show me. JoAnn designed and made this quilt by starting with a small doodle or sketch. Then she made a pattern for herself from the sketch and translated it into fabric through the miracle of fusing.


Check out her wonderful machine stitching. Using her BERNINA, she added free-motion work as well as decorative stitches to outline shapes. Wow! I am so impressed by JoAnn’s artwork. Thanks for sharing it with us JoAnn!

International Quilting Weekend Kick-off!

TQSLogoNewAre you fans of famous quilters, Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims? Then you know all about The Quilt Show, the web TV show that they host. This weekend, March 20 – 22,  they are celebrating International Quilting Weekend by opening all of their shows from the first nine series– shows 100-1513.

This means that, for three special days, everyone will have the chance to view over 200 episodes of The Quilt Show, featuring some of the quilting world’s leading artists, for FREE. (Sometimes I just watch cause I’m lonely in the studio.)


Ricky and Alex at their best.

And there are prizes!!!! This year’s sponsors are contributing over $5000 in prizes, including the Grand Prize, a BERNINA 550 QE. (Love my BERNINA!) Other prizes you have a chance to win are:

  • Innova – Have your quilt professionally quilted ($500 value)
  • Superior Threads – five $100 gift certificates
  • RJR Fabrics – a Delicious Selection of RJR Fabrics
  • AccuQuilt – GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter
  • Missouri Star Quilt Company –  $500 in Quilter’s Cash plus signed copies of Volume 1 of Block Magazine and Man Sewing Swag

And, as long as you’re looking for something fun to watch on The Quilt Show, check out my episodes #303 and #1009. Yes, I have episodes. They are free as are so many other terrific shows.