Frankenquilt Stitchery

threetrees3My Frankenquilt (made from unrelated parts to make a whole) features a cocktail of stitchery ideas. Mix one part hand embroidery with two parts decorative stitching from my BERNINA 750 QE and……voila! It’s a tasty little party quilt!

threetrees4To make it even more festive, add French Knots too. (Is it just me or do those French Knots look like ball fringe?)

On My High Horse


Trojan House #1 by Laura Wasilowski

Today I am getting on my high horse and traveling to the BERNINA Creative Center in Aurora, IL. Why?

bernina9Why to learn all about my new best friend, my soul mate, my reason for living, my favorite sewing machine! (OK, so I like the machine.) Can’t wait to see what’s new with BERNINA. I’ll tell you all about it later.

Piecing Urban Textures Fabric #3 and a Winner!

saqafabric9During my 7 hour drive back from Michigan, all I did was day dream about this pieced quilt top. Even before I unloaded the car, I warmed up my BERNINA 750 QE and added the yellow border fabric. This Graffiti fabric from Andover’s Urban Textures collection is really calling my name!

And speaking of calling names. The name of the winner of the Graffiti fabric give away is Cyndy. Congratulations! And thank you to everyone who stopped by and left a comment. With your support, I may actually finish the quilt.

You Don’t See This Very Often


Fabrics for the quilt include 2 other designs on the left from Andover Fabrics.

It has been a loooooooong time since I’ve made a pieced quilt. I admit that fusing is my favorite way of creating art work. But when the SAQA Urban Textures fabric from Andover arrived in the mail, I took up the challenge: I would make a pieced quilt.

Scary, huh?


My BERNINA 750 QE knows how to sew a 1/4″ seam better than I do!

The first task was to find a very simple pattern with very explicit directions. Thus the Cotton Tales Baby Blue pattern became my guide to the world of pieced quilts. (Thank you eQuilter for providing free patterns to those of us who can not make up our own!) Take a look at the pattern and see if you can imagine it in the blue and gold fabric. Over the next few days I’ll show you my progress…. or lack thereof.

Inspired by Libby #9

libbysleaves13I hate to disappoint anyone but I’ve got a change in store for you. Usually I add hand embroidery to a project before the the machine work. Stitchery is added through just the batting and top layer without the backing fabric attached.

libbysleaves14But for my Inspired by Libby quilt, the machine quilting comes first. Why? Because of that nasty thing called “time”. The quilt is due very soon and my time for hand stitching is limited. So the majority of the stitching will be done by machine, then some hand work will be added later. I’ll show you the completed project soon…..I hope!

Lots of Info for You


Tilty Town #10 by Laura Wasilowski

Have you checked out  the We All Sew Blog? You’ll find informative tutorials, projects, and tips about machine quilting. And most recently, you’ll see my guest blog about adding machine stitchery to small art quilts like Tilty Town #10 using my BERNINA 750 QE. It’s so wonderful owning a sewing machine that works like a dream. My BERNINA completes me!