Feeling Lucky?


Nude Blue Chair Reclining by Laura Wasilowski

As I sit here in my cozy chair, I know many of you are out frantically shopping for deals today. But I have a quick reminder: it’s Friday and I have another give away.

Leave a comment on the blog today and you may win a Leaves in a Whirl pattern with complete instructions and an instructional DVD.

Or if you don’t trust your luck, purchase anything from the Artfabrik store in November and you’ll receive a free copy of the same pattern and DVD with your order. Happy Shopping!

Leaf it Be: Free on Friday


It’s Friday again folks and that means I have another give away to……. give away. Every Friday in November I am giving away a Leaves in a Whirl pattern with complete instructions and an instructional DVD.There is also a section in the DVD that shows variations on the pattern like this one above.

It’s a $25 value but for a lucky person who leaves a comment on the blog today it’s free. And if you don’t win, you can always get a free copy by purchasing anything from the Artfabrik store in November. It’s a win, win!

Garden Update and the Colors of Autumn

astersLook at that color! I had planted this asters plant in the Spring and then forgot all about it. In fact, it is lucky to be alive! For a long time I thought it was a weed but never got around to weeding my garden cause I am a lazy slug. Then I left town and returned to find it blooming.

astersfabricI have a colorway of thread and fabric called Asters inspired by the plant. Or maybe I should say, inspired by my memory of asters from a different garden. In any case, Asters is one of my favorite colorways that I dye, the colors of Autumn.

Desperately Seeking Greens

dyedthread2Every few months I give in and do an inventory of threads and fabric for Artfabrik. This time I was surprised to find that all the green colorways were low. Colorways like Moss, Peas in a Pod, Green Grass, and Evening Greens desperately needed dyeing.


Apple Basket by Laura Wasilowski.  The Lime Frappe thread colorway is used for the grass in this small, free-stitched embroidery piece.

After a week of work, the dyed threads are washed and ready to dry. Now if I could get some one to twist them up for me, I’d be one happy dyer! Care to volunteer?

It’s All About the Color


62 colorways of my hand-dyed threads in 3 sizes on display at the Artfabrik booth in Paducah.


As I watch my customers shop for thread at the AQS show in Paducah, I realize it’s all about the color, the color, the color. They struggle to puzzle out what colors will work best for their future projects. You know how they feel. Sometimes picking out color is so difficult.Which color should would you choose?