It’s All About the Color


62 colorways of my hand-dyed threads in 3 sizes on display at the Artfabrik booth in Paducah.


As I watch my customers shop for thread at the AQS show in Paducah, I realize it’s all about the color, the color, the color. They struggle to puzzle out what colors will work best for their future projects. You know how they feel. Sometimes picking out color is so difficult.Which color should would you choose?

Have You Worked with Silk?

Our booth (#1224) is all set up at the AQS Show in Paducah KY thanks to my hardy partner in crime, Frieda. (I am totally useless as I’ve just returned from New Zealand and am exhausted.)


One of the fabrics you find for sale at the Artfabrik / Friestyle booth is this gorgeous silk. Isn’t it beautiful? Don’t you think I should lay down and take a nap in it? If you’d like to see the fabric, just push me aside. Remember, we’re in the main convention hall in booth number 1224. Or just listen for the snoring.

For All Your Giant Needs


Me and my best friend.


At last, I’ve found a way to quickly cut out those giant fabric shapes! This huge rotary cutter is only available from the Olfa dealer at the AQS Show in Paducah KY. You can see this big son-of-a-gun and all our hand-dyed fabrics and threads too at the show next week. Look for me and my giant shapes in the Artfabrik booth, #1224 (think Christmas eve).

The Chicago Quilt Show is On!


Pretend I’m not in this photo.

Are you attending the International Quilt Festival Chicago? Sadly, I’m not. But my fabric and thread are!

I’m off to teach at theĀ  QuiltFest Savannah this week and will miss the Chicago show. But my friend, Frieda Anderson, will be there with our hand dyed fabrics and threads so you can visit with her. The show runs March 26 – 28. Hope you can attend!

Folded and Stuffed


All folded and stuffed and no where to go.

Things are not going well. It seems a plan to fold and stuff all my patterns and fabric kits for sale at the AQS show in Paducah is very boring. Yawn! My mind wanders and I wake up to discover folded pattern directions stuffed into the wrong fabric kits. Arrrrgh! No wonder it takes me a week to pack up the Artfabrik booth!