Folded and Stuffed


All folded and stuffed and no where to go.

Things are not going well. It seems a plan to fold and stuff all my patterns and fabric kits for sale at the AQS show in Paducah is very boring. Yawn! My mind wanders and I wake up to discover folded pattern directions stuffed into the wrong fabric kits. Arrrrgh! No wonder it takes me a week to pack up the Artfabrik booth!

At a Stand Still


The Sunrise colorway being hand washed.

Suddenly all my stitching and quilt making has come to a halt. Incomplete projects are interrupted. My evenings of hand stitching is ended. Why? Because next week I leave for Paducah KY for the annual AQS Quilt Show.


Fabric ironed and stacked by colorway.

That means I have a week to prepare all the items that are for sale in the Artfabrik booth. Thread must be washed and twisted into skeins in the evening. Dyed fabric must be ironed and pattern and fabric kits assembled. Can hardly wait to sit around the booth in Paducah and rest up. Will I see you there?

Prepping for Paducah

paducahvendorPrepping for quilt week in Paducah, KY is always a thrill……if you’re a maniac! (You’ll find this maniac in the Artfabrik booth #1224 in the Convention Center.) Part of my preparation is sadly, dyeing.


My sophisticated thread drying system.

For the past week I’ve dyed thread every day. And boy are my fingertips blue! But all the colors are in stock and ready to label for the big AQS Show in Paducah. Hope to see you there, you maniac you!

Why Dyeing for You is Heavy Lifting

bucket1It’s dye week here in the studio and that means I’m getting my workout. After all the thread is dyed, the next step is the wash out. Damp. dripping threads are tied into bundles and then dipped into buckets of water for rinsing.

bucket2Filling, lifting, and emptying up to 20 buckets of water to wash out thread is heavy lifting. It is especially difficult to get excess red dye to rinse out of the threads. Hot water, Synthropol, and even color catchers are used to get the water to run clear in the buckets. No wonder I have the arms of a stevedore!

The Agony of Technology


Patterns available on the new and improved page.

The computer is a greedy companion. One of my least desirable tasks is to keep this, the Artfabrik website, up to date. For someone who is technologically challenged, this task eats away at my time like a squirrel at the bird feed.

Website updating means teeth are gnashed, hair is pulled, and bad words are spoken. But finally I am happy to announce that my Pattern Page is redone and more functional. Please check it out. Now I’m going to go chase a squirrel.

Times Up!

fabricsamples2Once a year I hold a fabric sale on the Artfabrik website. And once a year I regret it. Why? Not because the fabric is on sale. But because first I have to dye all the fabric that is on sale, before I can put the fabric on sale. Thanks for letting me whine.

Oh, and just so you know, the sale ends midnight, central standard time, January 31.