All Together Now


All Together Now by Laura Wasilowski

It’s been a few years but I’m now reunited with my quilt, All Together Now. This 20″ x 20″ piece was part of a traveling exhibition with a theme based upon song titles from the Beatles. I hope you were able to see the exhibit. The many wonderful quilts in the show brought back fond memories of their music.

All Together Now (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

All Together Now (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

Upon seeing the quilt after so long, I sighed and thought, “I missed you little quilt. Welcome home!” It’s easy to forget artwork once it’s out the door. But, like an old friend, they fit easily into your life and provide happy memories.

Here’s an Exhibit to See

bluechairinthelibrarybigI’m so happy to see that my mystery quilt, Blue Chair in the Library with a Candlestick, is enjoying itself. It is part of a SAQA exhibit called “My Corner of the World” at the Stratford Perth Museum in Stratford, Ontario, Canada now through September 5, 2016.

SAQA has prepared a really great web page with artist and venue information where you can read more.  Visit “My Corner of the World” page here. 

Daily Design: Needs Work

decquilt18This daily design began with the 3 flower tops. For way too long I fiddled those flowers made from pre-fused fabric scraps. They never seemed to be just right. So by the time it came to making the background for the flowers, I was sick of those stupid flowers.

Sometimes you just have to set your art aside and return to it later. (Like maybe years later.) I’m not sure if I will ever finish this design because it feels so uninspired and dull. Stupid flowers.

Daily Design: A Happy Discovery

decquilt12So I’ve finally unpacked my luggage. True, my last teaching trip was in late October, but I just could not face dealing with another bag of luggage until now. It’s called travel toxicity.

decquilt11In unpacking my bags, I had a happy discovery! Inside were 2 small bird designs made in class to demonstrate something or another. Borders were added to these central designs and a plan for embroidered bird eyes and more details was quickly put into place. Voila!  My daily design goal was complete. It was like bagging 2 bird designs with one happy discovery.

Got Jazz?


Blue Note by Laura Wasilowski, part of the Got Jazz exhibit.

If you are in Peoria, IL check out the exhibit by the FAC, Fiber Arts Association, at the Peoria Contemporary Arts Center. It’s called Got Jazz and features lots of great art quilts by members of the FAC. The exhibit runs through September 23.


Blue Note (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

My entry, Blue Note, was an opportunity to do the old variation on a theme type of quilt. You pick out a motif (that pointy shape) and make it in various iterations. You get to play with color, shape, and line and make a quilt at the same time!

Way Too Much Information


Blue Chip Chair #2, by Laura Wasilowski. One of the quilts you’ll see in the slide show.

The questions put to me by my interviewer, Clairan, for the SAQA Blog were really challenging. For example how would you answer this question: How did you find your voice as an artist?

You can read my answer here. And check out the really neat slide show they put together of my work on the site as well. This is why I love being a member of SAQA!