Holey Winner!

gardenersplot4Using left overs is part of being a frugal fuser. That’s why I never part with fused fabrics, even those with holes in them. Yesterday I set aside a bunch of holey fabric (cut-aways or the negatives from using an Accuquilt die cutter and fused fabric). And today we give it all away. Our holey winner of the holey fabric is…..Marilyn K.

gardenersplot12May your negatives be positive Marilyn! And may you fuse frugally as well. Tomorrow we see the completed version of my next Gardener’s Plot quilt made from those same negative fabrics.

Free on Friday: Holes!

holeyfabricYes, it is your lucky day! Today I am giving away holey fabric. This is the same holey fabric I just used to make my Gardener’s Plot quilt (see recent posts). This give away is just a delaying tactic. I haven’t completed the quilt yet so I can’t show you how it looks.

dotssmallLeave a comment below and you are entered to win a stack of pre-fused, pre-cut negative fabric cut with my handy dandy Accuquilt die cutter. And in the spirit of fair play, I’ll even throw in a few pre-fused, un-negative shapes too. Imagine the possibilities!

A Gardener’s Plot: The Sequel

gardenersplot1You may remember my infatuation with this holey fabric. It is the negative or cut-away fused fabric left over when using a large dot die from Accuquilt. Being a frugal fuser, I never throw away a fused scrap. What a treasure!

gardenersplot2These dot cut-aways inspired me to create a new series of small quilts called, A Gardener’s Plot. Now the plot continues!

gardenersplot3I’ve “unearthed” this quilt top and decided to add more interest to it before it is hand stitched. In the next few days I’ll show you how I changed the design and how hand embroidery changes it even further. The plot thickens!

Guest Artist: Using Debris


By Carolyn

Isn’t this fun? Our guest artist, Carolyn, was inspired to use her holey debris fabric. Like the fabrics I’m using in my Gardener’s Plot series, debris fabric is the cut-aways or negative shapes left after cutting fused fabric by hand or when using an Accuquilt die cutter. Her piece is about 7×10 inches and soon she’ll add free motion stitching and a binding.

Carolyn says, “My free motion skills are a work in progress and I plan to use this piece as a practice piece. Notice that if I put a triangle on top of my holey rectangle, it becomes a tiny house or a “Laura W” birdhouse!” Thanks Carolyn for sharing your work with us!

More Plotting of a Series

gardenersplot12This series I’m working on is proving to be addictive! Here’s another set of holey fabric to turn into a Gardener’s Plot quilt. Cut from a fused collage with an Accuquilt die cutter, the large circles became something else, Meanwhile, the cut-away holey fabric sat around the studio looking forlorn.

gardenersplot10After trimming the holey fabric with a pinking blade, a green fabric is slipped behind the holes to fill them in and to make green garden plots.

bellflowers1Remember the small blue flowers I made in a previous Gardener’s Plot quilt? The cut-aways from those bell shaped flowers are used in this quilt.

gardenersplot11They fill in the garden plots in a festive manner. Later, stitchery will be used to make the leaves and stems for the flowers. Improvising with fused fabric scraps is so satisfying!

Plotting a Quick Quilt Top

gardenersplot8Working under pressure with a deadline can be quite thrilling. But I can do without the thrill. My next quilt in the Gardener’s Plot series begins with the holey fabric or debris from cutting out fused fabric dots with an Accuquilt die cutter. And only one hour for art making.

gardenersplot5The design is composed onto a large green circle to make a round quilt. Later after the quilt is hand embroidered through just the batting layer, I’ll place a Timtex circle behind the batting and wrap the edges of the green fabric around the Timetex to finish the edges.

gardenersplot6A large collage of bias cut strips left over from another project is placed above the holey fabric. And viola! We have a sky!

gardenersplot9A few swipes with the rotary cutter and flowers and stems appear. The other details of the design will be made with hand embroidery. But no time for that now. I’m on my way to Tennessee Quilts for another teaching gig.