Can You Name This Colorway?

rhubarbthread2My heart goes out to those who must give names to every paint swatch in Home Depot. Thinking up color names for the fabric and threads I dye is so very taxing. Ah, the drudgery of it all!

Thankfully I have friends and family with imaginations. They have helped me name most of the colorways dyed for Artfabrik. Can you guess what this colorway is called?

rhubarb2Rhubarb! Yes, you are correct! Today I picked my rhubarb, gave it a bath, and froze it for future rhubarb goodies that, with any luck, someone else will make.

8 thoughts on “Can You Name This Colorway?

  1. Yummy color, so true- picked rhubarb last night and made strawberry rhubarb crisp.
    Or how about the nail polish colors – those are always a hoot.

    • I’ll have to check out the nail polish color names. That could be very inspiring. Strawberry rhubarb crisp. I can taste it now!

  2. I’m not a fan of eating rhubarb, but I did guess it before I paged down to see the answer. Surprised myself that I was right

    • You have an eye for color, Janet! I only like rhubarb in pie or as a crisp or anything that might resemble dessert.

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