Cactus Stitching #4


Colorado Cactus #5 by Laura Wasilowski

Colorado Cactus #5 is all stitched up and now provides an example of a woodcut quilt for my Creating Graphic Imagery class. In class, students make their own patterns for original designs and we discuss how hand embroidery enhances the quilt. As you can see, the stitching on this quilt transforms flat benign shapes into spiky cactus plants. That’s the power of the stitch!

8 thoughts on “Cactus Stitching #4

  1. Do you use an embroidery hoop or frame? I’m working without one and I’m getting crinkles where I had to gather the fabric, especially when I do French knots and have to hold the thread tight.

    • No. I don’t use a hoop Bridget. A hoop would fray the edges on the fabric shapes. But I do have a good grip on the fabric with my left hand when I make the French knots.

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