Cactus Stitching #3

cactus7There are few ways to use a Size 3 pearl cotton thread, it being too bulky to draw through batting and fused fabrics. But Couch it down and distinct shapes like this spiraling sun appear in a desert scene.

cactus6A few last stitches complete my cactus landscape including this stretch of light purple desert land. The Lazy Daisy stitch topped with a French Knot allude to a scruffy plant holding out against that blasting sun. Hope to show you the final quilt soon.

4 thoughts on “Cactus Stitching #3

  1. Can’t wait to see you in clifton Park,,,hope you bring fabric and threads to sell,,,,

  2. On your spiral sun, do you pick a center point and spiral out? Or do you set your perimeter first and spiral in to the center? Or does the stitching make a difference?

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