Blanket Stitch and Give Away Winner

folkartgardendetailHave a fabric shape you want to hold in place and outline at the same time? Then try the Blanket Stitch. Here you see it tacking the light green crescent shapes on to an adobe red background. The variegation of the Rhubarb size 5 thread used in the Blanket Stitches adds movement and interest to this embroidery with felt.

tastybiteofapple3The Blanket Stitch also works as a decorative stitch. Lay rows of the stitch together to build thread boxes and fill them in with French Knots. This detail from the Tasty Bite of Apple project shows off the colorful texture made by combining these two stitches.

giveaway4And the lucky winner of the thread give-away for the Folk Art Garden project from my new book, Joyful Stitching, is Pamela of pk_sews. I’ll contact you soon. Congratulations!

5 thoughts on “Blanket Stitch and Give Away Winner

  1. I wonder what it would look like to use lazy daisy stitch instead of french knots with the stitches in two different colors and directions placed as if you had woven ribbons through the blanket stitches. At first I was thinking was using a running stitch or stem stitch but then I thought the flower petal shape of lazy daisy would be more dramatic.

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