What Not to Fuse

fusiblewebhbTake a really close look at the blue fabric in this image. Do you see what I see? There is a small grid coming through the fabric. This is caused by a brand of fusible web that sinks into lighter value fabrics and stains them on the right side of the fabric. It shall not be named.

Beware! I didn’t notice the grid until after I had finished the quilt and started the hand work. After thinking about it, I decided to leave the blue fabric in place and embrace the grid. We’ll call it a texturing device.

Garden Update and the Colors of Autumn

astersLook at that color! I had planted this asters plant in the Spring and then forgot all about it. In fact, it is lucky to be alive! For a long time I thought it was a weed but never got around to weeding my garden cause I am a lazy slug. Then I left town and returned to find it blooming.

astersfabricI have a colorway of thread and fabric called Asters inspired by the plant. Or maybe I should say, inspired by my memory of asters from a different garden. In any case, Asters is one of my favorite colorways that I dye, the colors of Autumn.

Put a Bird on It

birdland16beforeIf you had made this quilt years ago and didn’t really care for it, what would you do with it?

birdland16If you said, “put a bird on it”, then you would be correct. It only took 8 years to figure this out. Next up is hand embroidery (even though it’s already machine stitched).

Guest Artist’s Fun House


A house quilt by Jean.

Isn’t this a fun little quilt? Jean started this quilt in my Tiny Homes class at Quilter’s Affair in Sisters, Oregon. She’s finished it up beautifully and even placed in a frame.

jean2You’ll note that there is no hand embroidery on the piece. (Jean loves to do free-motion stitching, so I gave her a pass.) And, as it turns out, her free-motion stitching is excellent. Congratulations, Jean, on making a delightful piece of artwork!

Free on Friday and a Finished House Quilt!


Whimsy Lane #4 by Laura Wasilowski

I’m happy to announce that the hand embroidery is all complete on my little house quilt, Whimsy Lane #4. It was a pleasure to stitch. And I want you to enjoy some hand stitching too!

threadringEvery Friday in October I’ll be giving away a thread ring and sample of thread like this. Leave a comment on the blog today and you may be the luck winner!

Or place an order for anything from the Artfabrik Store in October and you’ll receive this same sampler of our hand-dyed thread and a thread ring free.