Free Thread and Needle Chart


My new business cards have this needle and thread chart on the back.

At last, that portable Needle and Thread Chart you’ve always wanted!

Yes, this handy dandy chart listing what size embroidery needle goes with what size pearl cotton thread can be yours!  Place an order for anything in the Artfabrik Store this month, I’ll include one with your order.

Or just go to the Thread-u-cation Tutorial and you’ll see a version of it there.

Low on Sprouts, Oh My!

sproutsthreadIt looks like it’s time to dye thread again. I opened the drawer for the Sprouts colorway in my storage cabinet and discovered there are only two Size 5 Sprouts left. Good heavens! Fortunately, I have the Size 5 white DMC thread in stock to over dye. Care to come over and mix the dyes for me? Then you can wash it out by hand too? Anyone?

Studio Play #6


Spring Blooms #1 by Laura Wasilowski

At last the little quilt is finished and I can start a new project. I kind of like the machine quilting. You don’t have to machine stitch a quilt this size (9.5″ x 12″). But it does add another layer of texture and pattern to the piece.

Studio Play #4

flowerimprov5My improvised flower quilt is steam set to the non-scrim side of the batting (something that doesn’t beard, thank you very much). And I’m ready to stitch!

The Blanket Stitch is added around the edge of the woven collage flower. The Aquamarine Size 8 Pearl Cotton Thread repeats the same colors in the stems and base of the flower (stitched with the Oranges colorway in Size 8). Complimentary colors like turquoise and orange are always a thrill for the eye.

And I’m using my version of the Fern Stitch down the center of the leaves. The thread is a Size 12 Pearl Cotton Thread in the Lime Frappe colorway with a Size 5 embroidery needle. With a little more TV binge watching, this quilt should be finished soon!

Studio Play #3

flowerimprov3My new flower quilt is a great opportunity to use up even more fused fabric scraps found in the studio. Here you see bias cut grass left over from the landscape demos for my Craftsy Class. The grass anchors the pot down so it’s not flying through the air.The bias strips for the water are guaranteed to never fray. You could call them fray-less ripples.