Making New from Old: A Give-Away


Many, many years ago I made small quilts with improvisational piecing. (I was young, I didn’t know what I was doing.) Years later, I used those quilts as a canvas to practice improvisational hand embroidery. (I was still young but was having more fun.) 


Today I discovered those prehistoric quilts and have decided to take them to their next state of evolution. I’ve run them through an Accuquilt die cutter and have cut them into heart shapes. (I’m still young but have become reckless.)


Would you like to be young and reckless too? Then please leave a comment below and you may be a lucky winner of one of my patchwork hearts that I’m giving away. (Please note that at some point I cut off the comment section, usually just before announcing the winners.)

Love Those Winners!


On this Valentine’s Day I wish you all love and joy. Or at least a little warmth because it is cold out there! Remember the days ARE getting longer and there shall be light eventually. But first, we must bundle up and shovel snow.


withalightheartI hope the winners of the cheesecloth give-away love what they’ve won. Today the winners of the hand-dyed cheesecloth are: Sheila B and Shasta. Thank you everyone for participating. More give-aways soon!

Cheesecloth Anyone?


As you may know I’m not vending anymore. And I find I have a lot things sitting on the shelf that would normally be in the Artfabrik booth at a quilt show. One of those items is hand-dyed cheesecloth or scrim like this. I’m not sure what you might do with it. But there are a lot of imaginative people out there, so I’m giving away a yard each to several of those imaginative people this week. 

Please leave a comment below and you may be a lucky winner! (Please note that at some point I cut off the comment section, usually just before announcing the winners.)

Stitching for Fun and the Winners


Frieda’s House (in process) by Laura Wasilowski

Soon I leave my cozy home and start on my teaching travels. There is the worry of packing and trying to remember how to teach the classes after 2 months off. But for now, I’m enjoying stitching for pleasure with my hand-dyed threads on felt.


Lea Ann’s Embroidery

Others are enjoying embroidery too. A few weeks ago I gave away skeins of a mis-dyed thread now known as Bordeaux. One of the winners, Lea Ann, created this wonderful stitchery using the purple thread. It is embroidered on an interfacing hand painted by Judith Baker Montano, one of the greats of the embroidery world.


Thank you Lea Ann for sharing your work and thank you to all who left comments for the recent give away of size 3 hand dyed threads. The lucky winners are:  Carol C, Gene B, and another Jean. Congratulations!

Thrifty Stitching and Another Give Away


Home Again by Laura Wasilowski

This little hand embroidery piece made with felt measures about 4″ x 7″. It is what I call a thrifty stitcher. A thrifty stitcher is made from those odd ends of threads left on the needle when stitching a bigger project. What do you do with 6 or 7 inches of thread left on a needle? Throw the thread away? I can’t do it!


So I use those threads on a small project that I can pick and put down at will. In this thrifty stitcher example, you see a thick size 3 thread couched across the bottom to make horizontal lines. 


And it is several sets of size 3 threads drawn from these colors that I’d like to give-away on the blog. Care to join my “get rid of stuff” party? Just leave a comment below and you may be a lucky winner. (Please note that at some point I cut off the comment section, usually just before I announce the winners.)

Thank You and the Winners


Frieda’s House by Laura Wasilowski

My friend Frieda (who lives in the above house) likes to remind me that I may have “over-bought” when I placed my order for stacks of colorful Commonwealth Felt years ago. Frequently she asks, “What are you doing with all of that felt?” And for years (yes, years) I have tried to come up with a snappy response. But alas, I have no snap.

So I’ve decided to give my stacks of felt cut-aways away.


Thank you so much for not mentioning that I may have “over-bought” in your kind comments on the previous blog post. (Frieda, please take note.) And thank you to the lucky winners of the latest bundles who are helping me get rid of my felt cut-aways: Gail W, Rebecca B, and Michelle W.