Sneak Peek of a New Quilt- Silk and a Warning

silkprintThis silk fabric will also be used in my new quilt design. In it’s former life it was a silk skirt that I over-dyed green. Isn’t that print fantastic!

silkprint2I love the texture combination of the silk jacquard and print fabric. And just like a cotton fabric, these silk fabrics are heavy enough to fuse with Wonder Under #805. After fusing the fabrics, I use the sketch as a guide and free cut the shapes in the design.

¬†Here’s a word of warning about making quilts from a sketch: The sketch and the quilt are 2 different pieces of art. I learned long ago that once you start working in fabric, the design will change. You must set the sketch aside and give yourself over to the fabric. If you insist on replicating the design in a sketch exactly, you’ll be frustrated and disappointed.

The quilt is called, Penelope’s Poppies. Can’t wait to reveal the whole quilt to you!

Sneak Peek of a New Quilt- Fabric

silkIsn’t this beautiful? This is hand-dyed silk intended for use in my next quilt. The jacquard weave is especially attractive because the patterning on the silk gives it highlights and texture. Silk may seem intimidating, but have no fear! It’s treated just like a cotton fabric. The only difference is that silk has a sheen and luster that cotton never achieves. You’ll see the silk in action tomorrow.

A Sneek Peek of a New Quilt

poppies1Here’s a sneak peek of my new quilt design. Anytime I make something larger than say, 35″ x 35″, I start out with a sketch. The sketch gives me an idea of the size of the elements in the design and their relationship to each other. And as a fuser, the sketch helps me visualize the layering system or order of construction of the elements in the design. It also helps me imagine in the quilt in fabric. And soon we’re talking fabric. Yipee! Fabric!

Guest Artist is Way Underwater


Bahama Mama T by Teresa.

Isn’t this a fun quilt? Teresa was in my class at a retreat for the Green Country Quilters’ Guild in Tulsa, OK. She calls her small art quilt Bahama Mama T.

teresa1Teresa says it was, “Inspired by my trip to the Bahamas last January and my first attempt at snorkeling on a reef.¬† This is what it might have looked like had I not had a panic attack when I saw the reef.”

I know just how you feel Teresa. But you’ve turned your scary experience into a beautiful quilt. Thanks for sharing!

Can You Quilt on a Boat?


This is a detail of a quilt by Phyllis.

Yes, you too can quilt on a boat. Here is a fine example of a small art quilt made by my friend Phyllis. Isn’t it sweet? Phyllis and I met while I was teaching on a cruise and she created this fun, whimsical piece.

phyllisbCruising is a grand way of getting your quilt making fix while traveling the world. Next cruise for me? You’ll find me teaching on a cruise beginning in New Zealand and ending in Australia in early April 2015. There are 9 ports and classes only take place while at sea. I can’t wait! Can you join me?

Sporadic Dyeing

fabricstack3Care to iron some fabric?

For the past month I’ve been sporadically dyeing in my basement. Usually I dye fabric and thread everyday for a week. During that week, the dye studio buzzes with the sound of fabric ripping, water running, and the dryer humming in the background.

But travel has interrupted my system. Now I rush home to dye for a day then hop on a plane the next day with blue finger tips. As a result, none of the fabric gets ironed. Hope you like wrinkly fabric!