Tip? Maybe


Now here’s a novel way to clean the fusible web off your ironing board. Use a tailor’s thimble and scrap off the glue with the edge of the thimble. Not sure the tailor would approve, but it worked for one of my students! (Don’t worry, she still passed the class.)

Home at Last

flightI can not tell you how happy I am to be home! My last teaching gig for 2015 was for the lovely Naples Quilters. Even though I left the 80 degree temperatures of Florida for the 20 degree temperatures of Chicago (arrrgh!), it still feels so good to be in my own house.

I hope to make the next 2 months very productive and I’ll be sure to keep you up to date with my new projects. Can’t wait to get back in my studio again!

A Leafy Winner


Hurrah for Pam S. ¬†She is the winner of our Leaves in a Whirl pattern with instructional DVD from Friday’s give away. May she feel re-leaf.

Sadly, the rest of us did not win. But we can always get a free copy by purchasing anything from the Artfabrik store in November. It’s a $25 value and has the extra value of being free!

Leaf it Be: Free on Friday


It’s Friday again folks and that means I have another give away to……. give away. Every Friday in November I am giving away a Leaves in a Whirl pattern with complete instructions and an instructional DVD.There is also a section in the DVD that shows variations on the pattern like this one above.

It’s a $25 value but for a lucky person who leaves a comment on the blog today it’s free. And if you don’t win, you can always get a free copy by purchasing anything from the Artfabrik store in November. It’s a win, win!

How to Manage Those Glorious Thread Skeins for Hand Stitching

lauraandfriedaThat pile of hand-dyed thread skeins you own are beautiful to look at and can make great fashion accessories. But for those of you who actually want to hand stitch with them, I have a few tips on how to manage those glorious thread skeins.

threadskeins1. Skeins of thread from Artfabrik arrive at your house in a pretty twist. If you want to see the color sequence and spacing, just slide the end loop out of the other end loop. Most threads gradate or change colors every 2 – 3 inches.
2. The information tag is attached to the ends of the thread. It tells you size, colorway, and my contact information.
3. To return the thread to it’s pretty twist, stick a fore finger into each end loop of the skein. Twist the skein with one finger until the twist is tight. Then slip the end loop into the other end loop. The skein will twist back on itself.

threadring24. To store the thread and make it easy for hand stitching, you’ll need a metal binder ring or smooth bracelet. Open the skein and place an end loop into the center of the metal ring. Then pull the other thread loop through the first loop to secure it around the ring.
5. Now comes the scary part. You have to cut the thread. Insert your scissors and cut the skein in half at the far loop. This way the thread is the right length for stitching and won’t get tangled.

threadring36. To remove a strand of thread for stitching, gently pull a strand from the center of the skein where it wraps around the ring. Pull the thread slowly and it won’t tangle.
7. Now get out there a do some stitching!

Relief from a Tangled Mess

sewingkit3 Look at this tangled mess! The sorry state of my embroidery bag has finally gotten to me. Sorting through the jumble of my hand-dyed threads to find the right color and size is a nightmare.

sewingkit4In attempt to appear organized, I’ve removed all the threads from their thread rings and sorted them by color. Then put them back on to thread rings.

sewingkit5My new bag from Yazzii.com has pouches with clear sides. Perfect for stashing the thread until needed. Whoosh! Now I feel better.