Are You a Botanist? Making Flowers on Silk #9

silkflowers22Isn’t that yellow thread gorgeous on the blue silk? The 5 petals of these flowers are made with a Fly Stitch. It’s similar to the Lazy Daisy Stitch but with a wide opening at the base. By placing the Fly Stitches in a circle, you make a star shape flower. Stitch a bundle of French Knots in the center and add botanist to your resume.  Sweet!

silkflowers23You may want to start filling in the background with more grass. (I’m using a Size 12 in the Nasturtium colorway that repeats the color in some of the flowers.) Try inventing a few more small flowers above the grasses. I know you can do it!

The Lazy Daisy Stitch using a Size 12 in the Peas in a Pod colorway replicates leaves in the background A finer thread like the Size 12 easily fills in spaces making a mound of vegetation.

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