And TQS Winner Is……


On The Quilt Show set.

The winner of the 6 month membership to The Quilt Show is…. Sophie. I know you’ll love viewing all the different artists talking about their work and seeing all the great ideas people have on TQS. This recent membership gift is from Alex and Ricki who gave it to me during the BERNINA reunion this year. Thanks to them!

They also mentioned another special on membership that will happen next year. I’ll keep my ears on high alert about this special and keep you informed.

3 thoughts on “And TQS Winner Is……

  1. Wow! Thank you. It was hard to say out loud (and put in a comment) the reality of my situation right now. But having done so, you know how grateful I am … and how much a learner type like me will take every advantage of this prize. Thanks again.

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