Ah! Those Chicken Memories

Chicken Dreams by Laura Wasilowski

Chicken Dreams by Laura Wasilowski

About 20 years ago I made a series of quilts about chickens. Like many of you, I had caught chicken fever and was enamored with their bright colors and charm. But soon my chicken mania diminished, and I put them to bed thinking they were silly and not so charming.


Chicken Music and his friends being packed for their journey.

But I’m over that now and am so happy I have my collection of chicken quilts. In fact, these fine fowl are on their way to Oregon for the Friday evening Picnic in the Park celebration at the Quilter’s Affair show in Sisters. I’m the guest speaker this year and will happily show off my hens and sing a song or two. Hope you can be there!

7 thoughts on “Ah! Those Chicken Memories

  1. Sometimes we can overdose on a particular charming thing and have rather a reaction to them. Good to come back to them and find them charming again!

  2. ‘Chicken Dreams’ is absolutely charming. And the musical notations on ‘Chicken Music’ are so ingenious. Wishing for a wonderful time at Sisters for you this year.

  3. Chicken Dreams is so incredibly detailed, I could look at it for hours. I’m just sorry I can’t see it in person; I’m sure the photo doesn’t do it justice. So many fantastic colors!

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