A Winner for the Out of Print

Country Cottage #2 by Laura Wasilowski from Fusing Fun.

Your replies were hilarious! And very entertaining. Thank you so much to everyone who left a comment yesterday regarding the book give-away.  Sadly, my book, Fusing Fusing: Fast Fearless Art Quilts, is out of print. But you can still download it from the C&T Publishing web site.

Confetti Collage #2 by Laura Wasilowski from Fusing Fun.

Congratulations to the winner of the book, Pearl Buttons.

Dearest Pearl, 
I just discovered that the book is not only inscribed to “Dorothy” but also to “Jean”. Honest, this book has never left my house. I just kept making the mistake of signing it to someone who does not exist. I assume you do.

7 thoughts on “A Winner for the Out of Print

  1. Do you mean ME? Purl Buttons of Purlbuttonsblog.blogspot.com?
    I hope so!
    I am also SewBeads. I think if I really am the winner, I will be Dorothy and Jean. And anyone else you care to write in there!

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