A View of My Garden

poppyflowerIsn’t this spectacular? This year my poppies are big and flush with color. Must be all that rain and my diligent weeding. (Ha! Me weeding the garden? I amuse myself.)


Princess Louise Poppies by Laura Wasilowski

Here is my tribute to the lovely poppies in my garden. These need no weeding at all. That’s my kind of poppy!

17 thoughts on “A View of My Garden

  1. Alas, if only I could opt out of weeding. I do love your poppy piece, it’s so happy and weedless!

  2. I love all the layers of colors and pattern that you put in the poppies! Did you embroider through the layers, or mostly just around the flowers? There’s so much to look at, I almost missed the stitched leaves and the quilting on the background. I might need to give my petunias and morning glories a second look now.

    • I free-motion machine stitched around and on top of some of the flowers. It’s simple but works for me.

  3. There are no flowers except dandelions in my yard, but I’ll have to look closer at my neighbors who have flowers out front. We have lots of irises, roses, and petunias on the street

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