A Rare Find


Pressing Matters by Laura Wasilowski

There is a rarity in the quilt world you need to know about. Her name is Sherida and she writes for the Daily Sentinel¬† Newspaper in Grand Junction CO. Some may think that writing about quilting is as dull as oatmeal on a winter’s day. But her insightful articles are refreshing and well researched. It is not often that you find someone with an engaging way of chronicling a soft-spoken hobby like quilt making. We need accomplished writers like Sherida to record and document our quilt world.¬† We are lucky to have her.

You can read her recent article about the demise of the Monopoly iron token here.

One thought on “A Rare Find

  1. I bought “Make Your Own-opoly” for myself for Christmas a couple of years ago and couldn’t make up my mind whether it should be Dogopoly -dogs collecting bones – or Quiltopoly with building of stashes of fabric, threads, notions-lotions-and-potions.
    In the last version the “Iron” would certainly make be re-instated. Maybe we material girls should make our very own game up and turn our back on Monopoly that is no longer what it should be?

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