A New Series and Wishing

windycity2aOne of the many activities at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, OR is the opportunity to bid on art work by donors for Wish Upon a Card. Here is the start of my donation quilt for this year, Windy City #2.

windycity2bEach year I try to come up with a different name for my house quilts. And since I live near Chicago, Windy City seemed like the perfect name for a new series. This is a small piece (4″ x 6″) made with fused fabrics and hand embroidered. Soon it will be finished and off to the framers. Next time I see it will be in Sisters!


6 thoughts on “A New Series and Wishing

  1. It’s a great piece with a wonderful name. It does have the illusion of flying through the air with the curved house and curved tree. The curves in the ground give me the impression of that plot of ground turning as it flies through the sky.

  2. Laura,
    I was just searching Vliesofix on Google and up popped your 2013 discussion on The new Wonder Under and am wondering if anyone has figured out how to get it to actually adhere to unwashed fabric. I nearly burned a couple pieces of both wool and cotton fabrics last week trying to get the W U to stick. I have had this box since last year when our local Hancock’s was selling out. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Alice. I’m not sure why it won’t transfer to the fabric. The sizing or starch on the unwashed fabric may be a problem. So you may want to wash the fabric first before fusing it. Another thing is that to fuse fabric you just glide the iron across the paper for about 5 seconds in each spot. Don’t hold the iron in place for too long or you burn the glue into the fabric and then the fabric won’t glue to other fabrics. Hope this helps.

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