A Lesson in Machine Talk

20130611-110625.jpgLook what we have here. It’s my Bernina 750 QE!

20130611-110050.jpgAnd here we have Jan who gave me a lesson on the Bernina 750 QE. We covered all bells and whistles plus the thingamajigs and whatchamacallits. She patiently guided me through the intuitive menus, encouraged me to push a few buttons, and answered all of my questions knowledgeably. After an hour, I was giddy with delight. Come to find out the machine is smarter than me!
Thanks to my friendly Bernina dealer, Stitching on State in Hampshire IL, where Jan works. It’s a really a lovely shop. And this is one sweet machine!

3 thoughts on “A Lesson in Machine Talk

  1. Glad you like your sweet Bernina. I love my 780e which I got 31 October last – about 8 months ago. – I still have a lot to learn and I’ve had lessons (more like several hours of classes that came with my machine). I am learning free motion quilting / embroidery at the moment for my next fused quilt.
    How was your Alaskan adventure? I pray it was great.

  2. I took Wendy’s Art Quilting class – wonderful and almost too much good stuff to absorb at once – so it’s great to be able to return to the lessons again and again. Wendy is an amazing artist! And between her suggestion to save thread and yours to save little fused fabric scraps, I am quickly running out of space in my studio! Thanks to both of you for being such good teachers.

  3. Oh how lucky are you?!!! It is a dream machine and one I would truly love to own. Congratulations on your newest stitching friend!!

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