A Great Idea!


Pam of Ithaca and her artwork.

I get the best ideas from my creative students. Meet Pam, who attended my class in Ithaca, NY in April. To my delight she walked into the classroom with this gorgeous embroidery of her hand. She says her hand-embroidery on silk was inspired by the Hand of Fortune project from Joyful Stitching.


A tracing of my grandson’s hand, age 3.5.


And then she gave me a gift.

Pam suggested tracing those tiny hands of our children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews and stitching them too. What a great way to commemorate the growth of a child!

Thank you Pam for sharing your artwork and your stupendous idea.

6 thoughts on “A Great Idea!

  1. I’ve been tracing both hands of my young granddaughter for a few years and plan to stitch a growing chart, of sorts, for her. each year, I ask her what her favorite color is and what shapes she wants on her hands, so I can incorporate that into the design.

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