Something to Cool You Down

glacier1It has really been hot and muggy here in Illinois. So this photo of a floating chunk of ice is really refreshing. Can you guess where it came from?

glacier3This drifting berg recently calved from a glacier in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.


Margarie Glacier

Our cruise through the Park brought us very close to Margerie Glacier. We watched from a quiet ship as the glacier crept closer to the water at the alarming rate of 7 feet per day. As the glacier broke, loud cracking sounds echoed like shot guns. The air was cool and the sight was amazing. As I watched I thought, how could you ever depict this in fabric and capture the thrill of seeing a real live glacier?

Off to Southeast Alaska!


Juneau, our first port of call.

It’s always and adventure being a quilter. Recently I toured with Quilt Seminars at Sea on a really big adventure to Southeast Alaska. Classes were held on the days we were at sea and the rest of the time we visited Alaskan cities along the inside passage. First stop- Juneau.


Art work by Kay Field Parker

After hiking the step avenues of Juneau we found the State Museum of Alaska with a special exhibit by Kay Field Parker. She creates stunning Ravenstail weavings. It’s a older style of twining that results in dynamic geometric patterns like these above.


Tlingit sewing kit.

The museum also houses a collection of everyday items used by the indigenous peoples of this area. This sewing kit was used by a Tlingit seamstress complete with bone needles, thimbles and other sewing tools.

bluepoppiesIt’s high summer in Juneau so the vegetation is lush and roaring with life. Everywhere you turned, plants were in bloom. Could these be blue poppies?

You Will Be Stirred

Please check out Frieda’s blog today. She has asked me some stirring questions about my Craftsy class, Hand-Stitched Collage Quilts. No doubt you will be stirred too. Or at least lightly shaken.


Waffle Irons by Laura Wasilowski

Speaking of cooking. As you may have guessed, I’m not a very good cook. So I made this quilt above so I can tell the difference between an iron and a waffle iron. Check out Frieda’s blog. It will explain all this for you.

A Feast of Color

ericcarleIt was pure luck that during my visit to Washington state I happened upon an exhibit at the Tacoma Art Museum. The special exhibit was by one of my favorite children’s book illustrators, Eric Carle. You know him from his paper collage illustrations like those in The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Not only was his collage work on display, but examples of his poster art, linoleum cut prints, sculpture, costumes, and paintings were on view. It was a feast of color!

tacomaAnd since I was in the neighborhood, a quick visit to the Museum of Glass was in order. The gift shop is an exhibit in itself.Tacoma is a gem of a city, easy to navigate and full of art and culture.

Also, if you missed it, check out Mickey Depre’s blog. She kindly featured me and my Craftsy class yesterday. Thanks Mickey!

To the Great Northwest!

quiltworksnwI’ve just returned from a long work / vacation / fun trip to Washington and Alaska. My first stop was teaching at Quiltworks Northwest in Bellevue WA. This is a wonderful quilt shop that we all must visit at least once in our life time.


Chardel, stitcher extraordinaire.

This is my second time teaching at the shop. My friend, Chardel, who is also an employee, took my Tiny Homes during my previous visit to Quiltworks Northwest. We must all go see the welcoming and friendly shop employees right now.


Chardel’s Tiny Homes quilt.

And here is Chardel’s wonderful quilt made in my class. The stitching is outstanding! We must all now congratulate Chardel on her exceptional embroidery. Yeah Chardel!

Good Advice from a Friend


Cone Flower by Wendy Butler Berns

Today you’ll see me mentioned on Wendy Butler Berns Facebook page. She kindly gives a link to my Craftsy class, Hand Stitched Collage Quilts. I first heard of the online classes provided by Craftsy, through Wendy. She generously told me all about the filming process and gave me some valuable advice. It’s good to have friends that are willing to share. (Check out her Craftsy class here.) Thanks Wendy for helping me out!